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10 Noanix Corporation

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    Ultrasonic Spray Nozzles or Air-assisted Spray Nozzles Noanix manufactures are used for thin film coatings or Spray Drying Applications.

    They perform very uniform and accurate spraying producing drop size down to 1 micron.

    Frequency ranges 50Khz to 180Khz.

    Digital generator can be cutom designed

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    10 Noanix Corporation

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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      Choi Hyungjoon

    • Address

      78 Jeongjungri, Osongeup, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea

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    • Company introduction

      Noanix Corporation is a young and fast-growing company targeting niche ma rket. We serve a variety of industries and applications however we are partic ularly specialized in BME ( Bio Medical Engineering) world.

      All products are basically custom based. Noanix designs and develops Spray Coating Systems and Automated Liquid Dispensing Systems.

      Noanix also researches and develops precision pulseless pumps and precision spray nozzles. Noanix's Spray Coating Systems utilize patented technology to provide excellent solutions for thin film coating applications, requiring precise and uniform coating performance.

      The use of ultrasonic nozzle technology allows the use of very low flow rates-down to micro-liters per minute(ul/min) All systems feature smooth operation and anti-flashing.

      Different spray patterns and tip configurations are available.

      We specialize in critical applicat ions for low flow rates, accurate and uniform performance. Our business slogan is "Creative Custom" which reflects our business philosophy.

      We welcome challenges! Noanix Corporation is ISO9001/14001 certified.

    • Main Product
      • Ultrasonic Spray Nozzles

        Ultrasonic Spray Nozzles

      • Spray Coating Systems

        Spray Coating Systems

      • Pulseless Precision Pumps

        Pulseless Precision Pumps

      • Selector Valves

        Selector Valves

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