Thermometer (TM-300/TM-310)

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Clinical Thermometer

9 CQMS Co., Ltd.

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    Measurement Method :
    -Infrared ray measurement ways, Non-contact Dual Sensor

    Base Function
    1) Multi-measurement of mode conversion
    2) °C(Celsius)/°F(Fahrenheit) conversion
    3) Memory
    4) Sound control(On/Off)
    Using temperature
    Temperature -15~40°C/Humidity less than 95%
    Storage temperature : -20~50°C

    Measuring range
    1) Body temperature : 22.0~42.5°C
    -Accuracy ±0.2°C (If the range of 36~39°C)
    -Other accuracy : ±0.3°C
    2) Living temperature : 10~70°C
    -Accuracy ±2°C or ±2%
    Measuring time : Less than 1 second, continuous measurement Mode choice

    1) Forehead body temperature and living temperature measures
    2) °C(Celsius)/°F(Fahrenheit) conversion
    3) Sound On/Off

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    9 CQMS Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      An, In-Young

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      604~605 6F K-Center 25 Simin-daero 248, Dongan-gu, Anyang-siGyeonggi-do,

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      Beauty & Personal Care

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    • Company introduction

      CQMS is a developer of domestic medical device sensor modules, such as low frequency massage device, tonometer, gluco-meter, and thermometer. We provide a total solution from product design to production technology including standard certification consulting, such as CE, FDA, etc. By using CQMS sensor module, you can secure competitiveness in purchasing and sales, along with improvement in productivity and efficiency, and competitive module prices.

      In addition, we provide a total solution at a price unrivaled by other competing companies. The entire staff of CQMS has an extensive work experience in the field of producing medical devices, and thanks to this, we can manufacture medical devices for new companies interested in producing medical devices to other companies that are trying to expand their product line.

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        Thermometer (TM-300/TM-310)

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