Vacuum Pump (W2V20)

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9 Jisico Co., Ltd.

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    • High vacuum rotary vane oil pump.
    • Applications: vacuum distillation, vacuum degassing, surface coating, freeze drying, laser construction, cryogenics, vacuum oven, mass spectrometer, electron microscope, GC/ICP mass.



    Pumping speed (L/min) 200
    Ultimate pressure G.B. closed Torr(Pa)

    5 x 10-4(6.7 x 10-2)

    G.B. open

    5 x 10-2(6.7)

    Power input

    AC 220V 1Ø or AC 220/380V 3Ø

    Full load power (kW) 0.4
    Motor speed (rpm) 1,700
    Oil capacity (cc) 600
    Weight (kg) 27
    Intake type/diameter (mm)

    NW25/ Ø26(O.D)

    Ambient operation temp. range (°C) 7~40
    Overall dimensions mm 150(W) x 426(L) x 251(H)
    inch 5.9(W) x 16.8(L) x 9.9(H)
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    9 Jisico Co., Ltd.

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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    • President

      Kang, Chung-hee

    • Address

      Jisico Bldg., 301-1 Seongsu-dong 2-ga, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea

    • Product Category

      Water Treatment,Other Measuring & Gauging

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    • Company introduction

      JISICO(Ltd.) was founded as JEIL SCIENTIFIC CO. in June 1967. Since then, JISICO has manufactured over a hundred physico-chemical experiment apparatuses including drying oven, constant temperature and humidity chamber, steam autoclave sterilizer, and glove box.

      It continues to extensively supply clients in domestic scientific and engineering universities, academic and industrial labs, public and private research centers, and clinical labs in general hospitals. We are confident of our contribution of our continuous R&D activities to the advancement Korea has seen in its experimentation equipment industry.

      JISICO strives to advance all fronts of product and service, earning domestic and international certifications including the EM, CE, and UL, with improvements in after sales service for greater customer satisfaction.

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