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    Living In Aroma Fragrance Candle


    The beautiful scent-emitting pillar candle by Living In Aroma is made of vegetable wax with the wick handmade from natural vegetable fiber, avoiding the use of chemical/artificial coloring agent or artificial scent. It is uniquely twisted in the thickness that matches the diameter of the candle after scientific consideration of combustion time and usage, so that the aroma fragrance candle burns down stably to the end without collapsing by itself.

    *The candle is made by blending essential oil with paraffin wax or natural wax.

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    Specially chosen aroma product provides a positive influence to life. A sweet scent and the light of each fragrance assist burning, add beauty, provide mental stability and helps meditation.

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    9 Living in Aroma

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Kim, Min Ja

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      Living in Aroma,189-1,Gwanjeok-ro,Gwangjeok-myeon,Yangji-si,Kyeonggi-do,Korea

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      Other Chemicals,Candles & Holders,Humidifiers

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      Under the moto ‘aroma in life’ of our company, we have pursued the popularization of aroma and insisted eco-friendly product made with natual resource. Our company, Living In Aroma, has built up the capability  and good reputation as a professional herbal brand through the business with various distribution channel such as botanical gardens, herbal farms, supermarkets and the direct management system. We will do our best for the physical and mental well-being of the people with the best quality of the products


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