Glasswort salt 100g, 400g, 3kg

Glasswort salt 100g, 400g, 3kg

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South Korea
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Migafood agricultural union corporation
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enzyme, glasswort salt, seasoning,
Other Foods , Other Seasonings & Condiments
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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2004
Business type
Verified Certificate


Product name Glasswort salt 100g, 400g, 3kg Certification -
Category Other Foods
Other Seasonings & Condiments
Ingredients -
Keyword enzyme , glasswort salt , seasoning Unit Size -
Brand name Migafood agricultural union corporation Unit Weigh -
origin South Korea Stock -
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Product Information

Glasswort salt 100g, 400g, 3kg * Halal Certified


It is a traditional alkaline salt that mixed both the concentrated sea water gained in tidal flat of the clean waters Sooncheon Bay and the glasswort extract so boiled re-interpreting the traditional way into modern way. It can be used as refined salt being commonly used a lot at home for food cooking, and saves food taste since it is low salt yet has no bitter taste and the finish taste is sweet and it is much better if use when make Kimchi or Doenjang [=Korean soybean paste]. It is the sole organic salt which acquired European organic certification in the country

│ Ingredient content │

Sea water 83% (domestic production), glasswort extract 17% (domestic production)


│ Competitive edge │

Europe EU certification, Islam HALAL certification, glasswort salt manufacturing patent and certification from the governor of Jeonnam-Do


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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2004
Business type


Moon Jieun
143-21 Songhak-ri, Byeollyang-myeon,Suncheon-si, Jeollanam-do, Korea
Product Category
Health Care Supplement,Other Seasonings & Condiments
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Company introduction

MigaFood Agricultural union corporation is a company founded in 2004 and primarily produces glasswort [=Salicornia herbacea L.] salt and glasswort health food. It is situated at Sooncheon Bay, the clean waters where reeds and migratory birds get joined together, and involved in production operating a farm of 100,000 pyeong scale whole by ourselves. Saving the artisan spirit, we have restored our traditional salt that disappears so secured an invention patent and we are putting forth our strength to provide food that can enjoy without anxiety by acquiring a variety of certifications such as organic farming certification, organic farming JAS certification of Japan, organic farming EU certification of Europe, Islam HALAL certification and holding of HACCP standard facilities and the like. Miga Food which is making strenuous efforts to offer excellent commodities provides eco-friendly organic farming shop and big distribution store with main items produced environment-friendly, and has been designated as a masterpiece by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and won excellence award in the Grand Environment-Friendly Agricultural Exhibition in 2010, designated as a promising small & medium-sized firm in Jeonnam-Do in 2011, designated as a star firm of the Republic of Korea and selected as a global IP star firm in 2012.

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