Industrial Immunoactivating Water System

Industrial Immunoactivating Water System

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Water Treatment , Water Softeners
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South Korea South Korea / 2005
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Product name Industrial Immunoactivating Water System Certification -
Category Water Treatment
Water Softeners
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Product Information

Industrial Immunoactivating Water System

DM BIO Immunoactivating Bio Water 

All living cells require oxygen and nutrition through blood delivered by water and the water is deeply involved in metabolism with circulatory, digestive and neurology systems.

DM BIO immunoactivating bio water upgraded by our own special lters is not the universal medicine, but it is proven to activate the function of cells, organs and the whole body of the living creatures through penetrating into the cells, circulating, and releasing the body wastes with its extremely small molecules by various animal and sh clinical tests which have done by Pukyong National University in Korea.

It stimulates the cells of living organs to recover their intrinsic functions and to go back to the primary levels of their physiological activities. If the physiological activity can be maintained at the maximum or optimum state, there will be no symptom of disease to be taken care of.

In other words, DM BIO immunoactivating bio water activates the immune system of the cells and organs of all the living creatures and helps them to protect themselves from the foreigner's invasion and keep them healthy without any diseases.

DM BIO Immunoactivating Bio Water
Unique Purifying Process

DM BIO immunoactivating bio water purifying process is unique and natural without any water waste and electricity and it is totally dierent from reverse osmotic pressure type which eliminates all kinds of benecial minerals and electrolysis type which produces strong alkaline water articially. Our own patented bio cartridge with various extracted and processed minerals and gems generates weak alkaline bio energy water which is very good for all
the living creatures including human beings and environment.

  1. Sediment Filter: Eliminate rust and oating impurities
  2. Pre Carbon Filter: Eliminate chlorine and impurities
  3. Bio Cartridge: Improve water molecules and make weak alkali water by radiating far infrared ray
  4. Silver Carbon Filter: Remove odor and bacteria and activate water

Big Immunoactivating Water Systems Series
Big immunoactivating water systems series is for the drinking water supply to public places, residential complex, small villiages, stockbreeding as well as cultivation of plant.

Model Number
GENEWELL-400 series
Size (mm)
1010(W) X 455(D) X 810(H)
Net Weight
Maximum Capacity
1.5 Tons per Hour
Minimum Pressure
For Use
Industrial Use


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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2005
Business type



Charles Yoon
#1919 Shinan Metrokhan, 239 Pyeongchon-daero Dongan-gu Anyang-si Gyeonggi-do, 14047, Korea
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Digital Printers,Other Watering & Irrigation Supplies,Printing Inks
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<p>Durafos Inc. is a premier manufacturer and distributor committed to providing premium digital imaging inks and other supplies to the large format, flatbed and desktop printer market, and has been increasing its reputation worldwide as the trustworthy business partner for highly reliable and cost effective products. Since our establishment in 2004, Durafos has tried to develop and supply only one type of product to our customers: the best product in quality and price on the market and our main business goal is to provide superior quality products that give extra performance and business profit to our business partners. Durafos offers extensive ranges of premium quality inks and ink cartridges for various OEM large format printers selling on the market: water based dye, water based pigmented, water based dye-sublimation, real solvent based, eco-solvent based, mild solvent based and oil based inks, and compatible cartridges. Durafos also supplies complete line of premium desktop printer supplies such as bulk inks, remanufactured ink cartridges, remanufactured toner cartridges and various specialty imaging media. Durafos has also expanded its business area to hardware and has recently started to supply high quality multifunctional flatbed printers in cooperation with one of the leading ventures in this business. As one of the leading ink manufacturers in this industry, Durafos controls every aspect of the production process from start to finish and has been manufacturing all the products with our own technology and expertise, so we can always provide the quality products and customized services to all Durafos distributors and customers. Imaging supplies market is another big sector that needs more reliable and cost-effective solution. The advanced ink technology and proven reliability have enabled Durafos to supply quality products and large benefits to our customers in this business sector. Durafos is committed to producing the highest quality products and will keep on innovating and improving ourselves as a market leader. Now come to see how Durafos inks work with the large format, flatbed and desktop printers on your market and do not miss your opportunity to grow with Durafos. Your success is guaranteed.

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