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bakery, oven, bresso oven,
Other Cookware & Cooking Tools , Bread Makers , Cooktops , Fruit & Vegetable Processing Machines
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HANYOUNG Bakery machinery Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1991
Business type
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Product name BRESSO OVEN Certification -
Category Other Cookware & Cooking Tools
Bread Makers
Fruit & Vegetable Processing Machines
Ingredients -
Keyword bakery , oven , bresso oven Unit Size -
Brand name BRESSO Unit Weigh -
origin South Korea Stock -
Supply type - HS code 8438101000

Product Information


Product Features and Specification

  • It is a basic oven suitable for the production of multiple products, which can bake Bread, Cookies, and Cake etc.
  • Exact temperature in the oven is maintained by the PCB and Digital Thermostat of the Microprocessor Proportional Control Type.
  • Uniformity of product color is realized according to the even heat distribution with special heater arrangement method.
  • Electric leakage and temperature overheat are prevented with the equipment of safety system.
  • Moving installation is easy with separable type of each shelf, and the appearance is stylish and hygienic with stainless finishing of 3 faces.
  • Storage of apparatus, equipment etc. is easy as articles box is installed at the bottom.
  • Enough amount of steam is generated if steam system is selected.
Division/Model No.
Digital Type
Analogue Type
TRAY Seating
2Sheets X 3Stages = 6 Sheets
3Sheets X 3Stages = 9 Sheets
4Sheets X 3Stages = 12 Sheets
TRAY Size: 400*600mm
Capacity Outer Size(mm)
1,275 x 905 x 1,850
1,655 x 905 x 1,850
1,655 x 1,105 x 1,850
A Type: 600 x 400 Type
W x D x H
1,275 x 1,505 x 1,850
B Type: 400 x 600 Type
Voltage and Power
380X220V 3P/12.6KW
380X220V 3P/18KW
380X220V 3P/22.5KW


Selective Specification
If 1~3 stages are selected, steam system is equipped.
Price adjustment by number
If 1~3 stages are selected, marbles are equipped at internal bottom and 3 faces
Price adjustment by number of sheets and stages
In case of product of size change by purchasing number of each stage and number of stages, custom manufacturing is available.


B2B Trade

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MOQ Negotiable Leadtime Negotiable
Payment Options Negotiable Shipping time Negotiable

HANYOUNG Bakery machinery Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1991
Business type


Han, Seoung Woo
222-10, Choil-dong, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Product Category
Cookware & Cooking Tools,Fruit & Vegetable Processing Machines
Year Established
No. of Total Employees
Company introduction

HANYOUNG CO., LTD., since its establishment on May 20, 1991, has been professionally producing and directly selling up to now the Food Machinery and Bakery Machinery, and is a company that is favorably accepted by Famous Domestic Bakery Factories, Large Discount Stores, Bakery Stores, Schools and Academy Practical Rooms, Community Centers, Women's Community Centers, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Fast food Restaurants etc. as cutting edge technologies have been accumulated through the endless Research & Development for more than 20 years such as developing and equipping of PCB method for Oven for the first time in the industry.

In 2003, we obtained the Certification of ISO 9001:2008 in the sectors of Design, Development, Manufacturing and Additional Service of Bakery Machinery and Utensils, and we are leading to return the profit to customers with the delivery in low unit prices due to the production cost saving and improvement of overseas competitiveness as we took over the Korea Storm Company in May, 2004 and produce the Storm Convection Oven of which parts are imported from Europe and assembled, and also we made technical investment in local factories of Chinese OMEGA, and Chines Chengdu HeGuanxin and now produce the Rotary Oven, Spiral Mixer and other machines that are not manufactured in Korea. We are doing our best with the production of machines of reliable performance as well as with the fresh management and sales style, site installation of machines, and with thorough and quick after service system through the operation of A/S Center in Gyeonsang-do, Jeolla-do, and Jejudo. And we are also providing various Information Service such as Opening Consulting and Store Market Survey of Bakery etc., Drawing Work of Shop and Workplace, Engineer Recruiting, Guide for Bakery Technology and Shop Operation etc.

We will doing our best efforts to provide not only the best quality but also the best service under the belief that the Last Smile is better than the First Laughter, and we promise to you that we will grow as a dignified company who approaches to customers with honesty.

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