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14 Lampustech Co., Ltd.

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    Baby Safety & Care
    Security Product Agents
    CCTV Camera
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    -Used for Guard Tour Monitoring and management for buildings and APT houses.

    -TC200 is the most advanced Guard management System

     and also supports dual interface With contact ibutton & non-contact RFID tag.



    -Data Communication Speed : 38,400bps

    -Data Communication Memory: Max 10,000 Event

    -Battery Capacity and Charging Time: 3.7V/1050mAh, 210min/max

    -Operating Temperature : -10 ~ 60


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    14 Lampustech Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      4F Samgong Bldg. 58-7 Banpo 4-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul

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      • DuoPASS


      • TouChecker+


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