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Coffee & Tea , Other Foods , Health Care Supplement
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IDO Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2007
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Category Coffee & Tea
Other Foods
Health Care Supplement
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Product Information

Relief Tea (3, 10, 30 Teabags)


Balloon flower protects the bronchial tubes, Miltiorrkizae protects the heart, Polygoni controls the central nerves, and Lonicera flower protects the liver, so you will feel g ood from the inside out.

Balloon flower roots is a good medicine for cough, phlegm, and bronchial tubes. If you feel heavy in your neck, if you often smoke, Now drink IDO’s “Relief tea” .

The fermentation process allow the taste to get smooth and the saponin content to be increased. It also let your body absorb more effectively. Children can drink it like water.

│Main Ingredient│

 Balloon Flower 40% (Korean)

  • Protect bronchial tubes
  • This plant is beloved for its good meaning, "Changes for better condition". Blossoms with purple flowers in summer, dried out during winter and reborns in spring. Balloonflower goes through those same processes 3 times.
    When it hibernates with 3 years deposition of all the nutritious inside, than we collect it with care and use it with its crust.
    In Korea, we have been using balloonflower boiled, when we get sore and dry throat during winter time.
    Balloonflower's root has own strong scent and bitterness, and contains various saponin.
    This also reborns as soft and elegant fermented tea with IDO's special fermentation process.

 Miltiorrkizae root 30% (Korean)

  • Antibacterial
  • Blood circulation
  • Liver function
  • There are 5 ginsengs and miltiorrkizae root is medicinal ingredient that affects heart, which has a word 'red' that means redness.
    Miltiorrkizae root has redish root, and it is kind of perennial Lamiaceae type plant, originated from China, it grows in Bonghwa region where has clean air.
    Miltiorrkizae root is one of the most effective medicinal ingredient against modern people's eating habits that causes adult diseases.
    IDO uses Bonghwa and Gicheong mountain botanical garden's naturally grown miltiorrkizae root, and it becomes soft and elegant fermented tea with IDO's special fermentation process.

 Polygoni root 20% (Korean)

  • in blood circulation
  • Control the central nerves
  • Polygoni root is kind of knotgrass vine plant, tuberous root type.
    Among food companies, sometimes they have white polygoni root based products, red polygoni root is different from them. It has redish crust and inside, when you cut it open. On its cross section, it has unique daisy patterns.
    It rarely grows in the mountains of Korea, IDO uses Gicheong mountain botanical garden and Wando Island's polygoni root.
    Polygoni root has its legend of turning hairs into black. Also known for giving strength to muscle and bones of elders.
    Polygoni root is the natural medicinal ingredient, popularly known as the food of strengthening brain, which can replace energy drinks.
    When IDO uses polygoni root for the tea, we only uses more than 3 years old polygoni tuberous root, which is bit bitter and hard however with IDO's special fermentation process, it becomes soft and elegant taste fermented tea.

 Lonicera Flower 10% (Chinese)

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Strengthen immune systemIt's named due to at the end of its vine, there is small blossom, it's white flower turns into yellow as it grows. It does grow in the mountains of Korea.
    Sometimes people grow them for decorative plant because its flower is so beautiful.
    When IDO makes them into the tea, we only use early flower buds, collect them one by one with hands. Because that is the time when the growing hormone reaches its peak.
    Don't worry about early flower buds are so small and bitter, even when it's boiled.
    Lonicera flower reborns as soft and elegant fermented tea with Ido's special fermentation process.

Relief Tea, Story Of Its First Birth
The main ingredients Balloonflower root, miltiorrkizae root, polygoni root and Lonicera flower that are adopted in this tea has variety of functions & components. It grows through number of procedures to change it's strong, raw and tough taste into soft and tasty. 
When we receive ingredients, the first sorting - washing - the second sorting - steaming - fermentation - drying - aging - drying - pan firing - the third sorting - packaging. After all these procedures, it reborns as new feature and taste.
To achieve Relief Tea's objective, long time of R&D found fantastic mixing ratio of 40:30:20:10 between Balloonflower root, miltiorrkizae root , polygoni root and Lonicera flower, it finally packed into triangle shaped tea bag.

Ways to Enjoy IDO's Fermented Tea
1. Brew for more than a minute with hot water (80 ~ 90℃) 300ml~500ml
2. Can use coffee maker to brew
3. During summer, you can serve chilled
4. Like water, drink all day through
5. Can be enjoyed by children (no caffeine)
6. Recommended for heavy smokers


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IDO Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2007
Business type


Lee Eun Sil
Cheongha-myeon, Cheongha-ro 151beon-gil,27, Buk-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
Product Category
Coffee & Tea,Health Care Supplement,Other Foods
Year Established
No. of Total Employees
Company introduction

IDO is a company specializing in fermenting herbal medicines. It ferments a variety of medicinal herbs with respectively different parts and features of leaves, roots, stems, and flowers, etc, helping make the curing ability of herbal medicines more stronger and has been researching, developing, and producing various types of products ranging from foods and soaps to cosmetics.

IDO is putting its reason to purify the body and mind in a cup of tea based on thorough selection of raw materials.

1.  Company History
IDO-means the order and nature of how to live a life that is healthy in mind and body
As our name implies, all our products are in accordance with nature.
IDO's fermented-herb teas use only natural ingredients based on our unique re-interpretation and further refinement of traditional Korean medicine.

2. Products
i. Fermented tea possessing great taste and flavor as well as health benefits. Fermentation removes bitterness and strong scent from the herbal medicine and delivers smooth taste.

ii. Features:
IDO has expertise in fermentation of herb raw materials used in the practice of highest-quality traditional Korean medicine. Fermenting various herb raw materials such as leaves, roots, stems, flowers make medicinal effects of each more potent. Leveraging our expertise in medicinal herb materials, Edou researches, develops and produces soap and cosmetics. Edou's strict quality control begins from the selection of the raw materials.

3. Quality Control System
IDO uses organic, natural raw materials produced primarily in Korea. IDO obtained ISO9001, but our internal standard for the selection of raw material is stricter than any other international certification standard.

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IDO Co., Ltd.

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