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Product Thumnail Image
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5 Shijiazhuang Maolan Trading co., Ltd

Country China China

Supplier Grade level1

Response Rate 50%

Main products Polyester Fabric Cord V-belts
Mine sieving mesh
Nylon Conveyer Belt(NN)
razor barbed wire mesh

Product Information Materials:low carbon steel wire,stainless steel plate,aluminium plate,Al-Mg alloy plate.
Weaving and characteristics:it is punched to meshes,winding-resisting,ageing-resisting,corrosion-resisting,the top of the meshes is smooth,it is strong and wearreisting.
Uses:used in filter of automobiles internal-combustion engine,sieving of mine,medicine,grain,sound insulation of room,ventilate of grain depot,etc.
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