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11 Royal Sevres

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    l Features l

    1. Product free from the worry of BPA environmental hormones
    2. Eco-friendly ceramic feeding bottle
    3. Eco-friendly products that can be used as semi-permanent

    l Description l

    1. It is the new eco-friendly ceramic feeding bottle which is developed first in the world by Royal Sevres.
    2. The new eco-friendly ceramic feeding bottle is composed of nipple, middle cap, sanitary cover, and ceramic body.
    3. It has been developed to be 100% secure from neural environmental hormone substances, bisphenol A.
    4. It is very hygienic and safe because it is made to prevent dissolution of BPA environmental hormone when being sterilized by boiling at high temperature, placing in microwave, or with medicinal fluid.
    5. The ceramic feeding bottle is very excellent in heat-resistance and durability.
    6. It is developed to improve vulnerable parts of the existing feeding bottles made of plastic or glass material.
    7. It is excellent in preventing deterioration of milk by ultraviolet light or outside direct sunlight.
    8. It is lighter than products made of glass material, and easy to wash to be very hygienic. It is made with material for high quality ceramic tablewares and thus very hygienic and safe.
    9. Due to the nature of ceramic material, it is excellent in defending external weak environment and thus in maintaining milk temperature good for babies to eat.
    10. In consideration of environment, it is designed so that the standard nipple and middle cover of the existing products can be used for the ceramic feeding bottle.
    11. Royal Sevres Ceramic Baby Nursing Bottles with the baby food storage containers can be used, or a tumbler.( Very environmentally friendly)
    12. It is a safe product that has test report conducted by KICET (Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering & Technology).


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    11 Royal Sevres

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Youngjun Kim

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      #311 Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering & Technology BI Center, 30 Gyeongchung Rd Sindun-myeon, I-cheon-siGyeonggi-do,

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      Feeding Supplies,Other Baby Supplies & Products

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    • Company introduction

      'Royal Sevres', located in the Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering&Technology, is a company to develop, produce, export the products of ceramic materials.

      Our company has an ability to develop and produce the quality products of global standard, based on our great experience and high level technology that has developed and launched new products in cooperation with our customers, which are global top brands in the field of Fine Ceramic such as LENOX, VILLEROY&BOCH, NARUMI, ROYALDULTON, MARKS&SPENCER, ITTALA, MIKASA etc. for more than 20 years.

      We have confidence to lead the market trend through the market research and analysis to continuously expand the product limit and scope of the fine ceramic materials, and also have the pride in the development of the quality products of global standard to contribute to the customers' satisfaction through the high level experiment and development process.

      We think that it is the leader's role to develop the very first, not second, product to show to the customers, and it is also the leader's precious role to endure the hard time in the atmosphere of risk and success in the market. 

      RoyalSevres, equipped with the leader's responsibility, will do our best efforts to be regarded as the global standard quality which can contribute to the customers' satisfaction.

      Thank you

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