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Bell Laser LLC

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Product name CO2 Laser Power Meter Probe 100 watts Certification -
Category Beauty Equipment
Industry Laser Equipment & Parts
CO2 Laser Machine
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Product Information

This sale is for one new:  Mahoney 100 Watt CO2 Laser Power Measurement Probe.  Comes with instructions and original packaging.

Measures laser power for YAG (900-1250 nm) and CO2 (8-11 microns).  Laser measurement range from 0 to 100 watts.  This probe is tested and fully operational.

Laser power measurements are quick and easy with the 100 watt power probe.  Position the power meter in front of the laser beam (as shown in the photo) and 28 seconds later read the power measurement.  It does not involve a time consuming setup and alignment like other power meters.  Unfortunately, most laser power meters have sacrificed ease of use to gain continuous power readings.  However, in most laboratory and production situations, the usual requirement is for a quick spot-check of power with a minimum of disruption.  

This power probe is a calorimeter type power meter which measures laser power using a timed exposure.  It will display the average power absorbed on the calibrated readout scale and can be used with continuous or repetitively pulsed lasers.

Key Features of this probe are:
  • The absorbing probe head is conveniently sized. The head is large enough to be easily used, yet small enough to be inserted between optical components to measure the laser power without disturbing set-up.
  • The hand-held meter requires only about one minute to make a laser power measurement
  • The absorbent coating is very tough, resisting mechanical abrasion and water immersion
  • A zero adjustment mechanism has been incorporated into the design to expedite and simplify the power measurement process
  • An accurate and durable all metal construction has been used to ensure a long life

Taking Measurements

The 100 watt power probe is a self-contained unit consisting of an absorbing head, a temperature measuring mechanism, a zeroing screw/nut and a readout dial.  In operation, the dial is zeroed.  Then, the absorbing head on the end of the power probe is exposed to the laser beam for 28 seconds.

After the laser probe is removed from the laser beam, the average power can be read out on the dial.  If it is necessary to make several power measurements in succession, the absorbing head can be rapidly cooled by immersing into a bucket of water between measurements.

The 100 watt laser probe has a coating that works for the wavelength range of 0.2 to 11 microns.


This is a great product for measuring laser output power from lasers manufactured by Coherent, Synrad, IPG Photonics, Universal Laser, Epilog Laser, Chinese glass tube lasers, and more.


On youtube, search - watt co2 laser power measurement.  See videos for all laser power probes.

or use the address below:

Mahoney Laser Power Meter Probe Locating a Bad Mirror on a CO2 Laser Engraving/Cutting Machine
   you tube com/watch?v=iHkRH670TmY

100 Watt CO2 Laser Power Meter Probe for CO2 Laser Power Measurement on Laser Engraving Machines
   you tube com/watch?v=Qhq122YiOwQ

200 Watt CO2 Laser Power Meter Probe for CO2 Laser Power Measurement
   you tube com/watch?v=1pTFTz6pZUE

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Bell Laser LLC

Country / Year Established
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Greg Rawley
93 S Jackson St, Suite 57426, Seattle, WA 98104
Product Category
Beauty Equipment,CO2 Laser Machine,Industry Laser Equipment & Parts
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We manufacture laser products and industrial laser machinery. We design and build laser parts in our laboratory and produce them in our factory.
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