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road safety, safety roller, road safety roller,
Electronic Products , Roadway Safety , Traffic Barrier
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South Korea South Korea / 1994
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Product name Safety Roller Certification -
Category Electronic Products
Roadway Safety
Traffic Barrier
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Product Information

l Safety Roller l

What is ‘Safety Roller?
‘Safety Roller’ is a safety fixture that prevents drivers and passengers from fatal accidents by not only absorbing shock energy but also converting shock energy into rotational energy.

‘Safety Roller’ needs to be installed at sites where vehicles are exposed to frequent accidents.
‘Safety Roller’ will safely lead a vehicle back to the road or stop the vehicle by absorbing shock energy. ‘Safety Roller’ will effectively function for drivers to properly control vehicles with its noticeable color and self-luminescence.

“World recognizes its innovative and unique concept”

Use for

  1. Curved Median Strip
  2. Curved Ramp
  3. Diverging Point
  4. Curved Tunnel
  5. Curved Downhill
  6. Passge Intersection
  7. School Zone
  8. Danzer Zone etc.


  1. LED guide Lamp (powered by solar energy)
  2. Two Pieces (easy to replace, easy to adjust)
  3. Reduce speed by stopper board
  4. Guide reflective leads a driver to drive safely
  5. Recyclable material (eco-friendly)
  6. Less poles (1pole per 2m), Less cost

“We promise to provide only safe & eco-friendly products”

  • Help a vehicle turn back to the road by its spinning when the car crashed the rollers laterally.
  • Minimize fatal damage of people and vehicles by absorbing collision shock.
  • Reduce costs in repairing and maintenance due to Roller’s resilience.

“We promise to provide only safe & eco-friendly products”

  • Safety Roller is installed using existing axis poles of the guard rail. (for domestic)
  • Stopper boards help prevent larger accidents by slowing down Roller’s spin.
  • A LED guide lamp powered by solar energy helps drive safely at night.
  • A reflective band helps catch driver’s eyes for safe driving at night.

B2B Trade

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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1994
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75-12, Yongjeong, Namwon, Jeonbuk, Korea
Product Category
Electronic Products,Traffic Barrier
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Company introduction

DIFFERENCES IN THOUGHTS CAUSE CHANGES. KSI has been committed to one goal for the last 30years. The company is changing its thoughts in order to make the world beautiful while using safe roads. KSI manufactures top quality products which are environment-friendly and safe. Just as metals are hardened by being heated in a furnace and beaten, the company is committed to one thing and is doing its best with its artisan spirit and professionalism to make environmentfriendly and safe products. DESIGN, CREATIVITY, SAFETY, ENVIRONMENT KSI has exerted continuous efforts to achieve its goals of DESIGN, CREATIVITY, SAFETY and ENVIRONMENT. All the employees of KSI will fulfill customer values without stagnating and display the capabilities of the company by keeping pace with changes in this global era. The employees will enable KSI to be a manufacturer specializing in transportation safety facilities by making excellent, Evironmentfriendly products. CEO. Chae Jong Sool

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