Bone Conduction Hearing Assistive Headset

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    Backed by team of adroit professionals, we are offering a qualitative range of Bone Conduction Headset. These Headset are manufactured as per the latest technological advancements utilizing quality approved raw materials under the supervision of our skilled technocrats. The entire range of Headset is acknowledged for operational fluency, robust construction, low maintenance and high tensile strength. We offer this Bone Conduction Headset in various sizes & designs and can also be custom designed as per the clients demands.

     First obtained CE mark as a Medical Device in Asia. There are several bone conduction devices in domestic and overseas companies, but Hanics Technology Co.,Ltd. is one of the few that has obtained the CE mark for medical devices amongst several other competitive companies for bone conduction devices in Asia.

    Bypass Ear Drum
    The Bone Conduction is a product that derives from a human-engineered technology that enables dynamic hearing without having to cover ones ears, which may result in impaired hearing with long-term use. It uses technology that delivers sound directly to auditory nerves through Bone Conduction device while other general headsets delivers sound to the tympanum through airial conduction.

    Li-polymer Battery

    • The word 'Lithium Polymer' has become synonymous with advanced battery technology.
    • Very low profile - batteries that resemble the profile of a credit card are feasible.
    • Improved safety - more resistant to overcharge, less chance for electrolyte leakage.

    Compatibility with most Smart Phones and MP3 Players

    • Provides superior sound quality when a Hanics bone conduction headset is used with a smart phone
    • Hi - bone products enables dynamic hearing without covering your ears when taking a call while you are driving.
    • Ear Buds can be uncomfortable and dangerous, because they block your ears. Hi Bone loops over your ear, and transmits stereo music through your bones directly to your inner ear.
    • With Hi Bone you can listen to your favorite music, but still hear everything going on around you.
    • Works with all standard iPods, CD and MP3 players

    Flexibility & Adjustable Ear Hook

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      South Korea South Korea
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      KIM, SUNG-HO

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      HANHO B/D 3F, 772-5, 921-14, KANSUK 3-DONG, NAMDONG-GU, INCHON

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      Earphones & Headphones,Other Health Care Products,Microphones

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      Some hearing aids employ bone conduction, achieving an effect equivalent to hearing directly by means of the ears. A headset is ergonomically positioned on the temple and cheek and the electromechanical transducer, which converts electric signals into mechanical vibrations, sends sound to the internal ear through the cranial bones. Likewise, a microphone can be used to record spoken sounds via bone conduction.

      Hanics has been specially manufacturing all kinds of Microphones or Headset and Micro Speaker Unit for communication equipments and Audio products for the past 29 years. The valuable experience we have gained over time has made us one of Korea's leading firm in this field. With the accumulated know-how of acoustic sound and many years of experience and practical knowledge in the field of communication, we have developed Bone Conduction Headset, Throat Microphone and Vibration Speaker for multi communication a year ago and have since enjoyed good reputations with this product in many countries. 
       With an expanding network of business contacts in this field, we have to offer tradingservices of sourcing, buying and engineering directly to our regular customers. Hanics is extremely focused on quality. In this regards, additional design,, manufacture and test resources are constantly evaluated with regards to potential improvements, within a definable return on investment framework.   

       We are pursing an aggressive continuous improvement road map which enables customers to have the highest level of confidence that Hanics is superior outsourcing partner to team up with. Hanics hope you will find our products and services more attractive than before and we look forward to developing a business relationship with you in the near future.

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    • Main Product
      • Hearing aid_Dual Mode Bone Conduction Earbuds

        Hearing aid_Dual Mode Bone Conduction Earbuds

      • Bone Conduction Hearing Assistive Headset

        Bone Conduction Hearing Assistive Headset



      • Throat Microphone (Tactical Communication)

        Throat Microphone (Tactical Communication)

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