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Product name Block Making Machine Mould Certification -
Category Molds
Construction Material Making Machinery
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LKD as a supplier of complete systems, manufactures and provides block making machine Magnus as well as Heracles with accessories into wide ranged shape in civil and housing construction.

Flexibility is our reliable and strong ability in view of customer choice with satisfaction and full automatic production line with tele-communicated program able to produce all kinds of concrete products with rigid and long life.

Actually in the production area of  steel pallet, LKD recommends and offers from MAGNUS and HERACLES.
This is a complete and flexible fine-tuned system that guarantees all kinds of economical products.

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lkd int

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
Business type


Kwon Soon Yeol
1130-51 Habin-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea
Product Category
Construction Material Making Machinery,Molds,Other Construction Machinery
Company introduction

Dear Sir,


This is Scott Hong from South Korea from LKD Co.,Ltd.


LKD is a major company engaged in the manufacturer of all types of the Block making machine and Mixers and Production steel mould in Korea and China more than 10 years.

We have learned through "Korea International Trade Association" that you wish to deal with importer and sales partner of Block Making Machine in the market and we noted that your company exports the subject products which we interested and ready to sell large quantity.

It is indeed our desires to originate and build up serious business with your firm and hereby request you to email us your detailed inquiries including the products type and lists, detail specification and prices.
Provided the block making machines meets good standard quality with reasonable prices, you can be assured of our maximum cooperation and lasting relationship between our two friendly parties.

Please find our Web site of our major products with Mixer and production steel mould.


And we are pleased to introduce our steel manufacturer of Joongwon in Korea, they have a long experience the high technic to make some different shape of the production mould to the block making machine as LKD and/or the other type of the block making machine. Just need a typical drawing and product dimension, it's enough for making a high quality and long life cycle. furthermore this company keep going to ship-out to SAUDI ARABIA in one container 20 sets of every three month, we believe.
We recognized Internatinal competitors in KOBRA, Ramph of Germany and Tiger of Japan, Turkey, however we are hardly working on this field, more and more every year increase an exporting volumes. so you deeply consider about it with your long and excellant experiece, can do that. details as follows ;

AA) Interlocking 70,000 cycle time

BB) Curb stone 35,000 cycle time

Would you please consider about this proposal, shall we make a profit business together in near future.


Scott Hong,


Sales manager


Scott Hong

LKD Sales manager

Skype: Scott797979

CP: 82-10-6220-0846


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