Air Vacuum Mat for shoes cleaner

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Chemical & Pharmaceutical Machinery

Daeshin MC Corp.

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South Korea South Korea /
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Product Information

I. Specification

1. Type : Ground Mat

2. Operation Method : Sensor and Air Vacuum Suction

3. Power : 220V, 50/60 Hz

4. Consumption : 1200 - 500W

5. Dimension :

Suction Mat - 1210 x 850 x 27 mm

Dust Collector - 650 x 490 x 250 mm

Sensor Part - 250 x 920 x 260 mm


II. Feature

1. Easy installation at all building entrance.

- Air shower room, Hotel, theater, Hospital, Museum, Library, Office, Restaurant, School etc.

2. Vacuum Suction of dust and such kinds of harmful materials.

3. Powerful Cleanliness Function.

4. Maintenance of "Clean & Pleasant" environment.

5. Automatic function by Sensor.

6. Suction Mat

- Since cells only to be pressed by feet operate separately, the product's life can be exteneded.

7. Convenient using method and power saving

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Daeshin MC Corp.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
Business type
YoungWhan Choi
29 19Gil, Beoman-ro, Doksan-dong, Keumcheon-Ku, Seoul, Korea (zip: 153-829)
Product Category
General Industrial Equipment
Company introduction

 Daeshin MC corp., as a manufacturer and exporter,  was found in 1997 at Seoul Korea has been specialized in variety cleaning equipment leading cleaning & washing industry. High quality of our equipments, especially Auto Shoes Sole Clean and Air Vacuum Mat, have given us good reputation. With advanced skills & materials for the equipment, and accumulated Know-How for a long time, Daeshin MC corp. has become the leader in this field.

Main Markets

Australia Australia

Brazil Brazil

Switzerland Switzerland

Czecho Republic Czecho Republic

Germany Germany

Spain Spain

France France

Malaysia Malaysia

Russia Russia

Turkey Turkey


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Daeshin MC Corp.

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