module block bus-bar or bus-bar

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    Our product called " Speedbar " is the block type of module(Cut-Busbar) for the power distribution panel, supplying the power ,which is put into the buildings & homes, to the branch circuit breakers according to each circuit breaker load AMPS

    * Function

     Safety : There is no risk of electric leakage, electric shock, short circuit & fire due to the use of fire-resistant & insulating material.

    b. Flexibility & Expandability : It is possible to remove or increase the branch circuit breakers whenever you need because it is made to be individual block type


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      South Korea South Korea
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      Youngmin Kwon

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      haehanro 276, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      Electronic Accessories & Parts

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      LC POWER KOREA , founded on Feb. 2007, is a leading company in Korea, which  has applied IT-based technology to the power distribution system and developed the most advanced D.I.Y solution of busbar called " Speedbar "( Block type of module for power distribution panel : Cut-Busbar ) and Busbar temperature alarm relay ( Model : BOR). We have more than 40 domestic distributors throughout the country and agents in Vietam & Mongolia as of now, promoting the marketing overseas such as Moscow, Warsaw, Dubai ,Riyadh, Egypt, Israel, Southeast Asia, Etc through Exhibitions held by KOTRA .

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      • Malaysia Malaysia
      • Philippines Philippines
      • Thailand Thailand
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      • 425-849
    • Main Product
      • Power Busbar(Speedbar), Bus Bar Overheat Relay, Speedbar Distributor Board

        block type power distributior , speedbar

      • module block bus-bar  or bus-bar

        module block bus-bar or bus-bar

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      block type power distributior , speedbar

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