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Fruit juice with Pulp


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fruit juice , juice , crushed juice
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South Korea



Country South Korea South Korea

Supplier Grade level2

Response Rate 11.11%

Main products Premium Aloe vera Drink
Fruit juice with Pulp
Coconut Drink

Product Information

Fruit juice with Pulp


Ace Farm Fruity Drinks contains real fruit pulps and Nata de Coco, you can feel fruity textures once drinking. Alos, Fruity Drinks are made in can so that you can easily drink it anywhere, anytime.
Especially it's much more beeter when it's cold. We believe that healthy foods should always come from nature. With this belief, we have been improving the quality of life by providing fresh, natural products to our customers.
Tulip International Inc. was founded in 2000. We started our buisiness to promote domestic sales and exports of fresh Korea product. Subsequently, Tulip International began to produce and export Aloe Vera Juice and a variety of tea which includes honey fruit tea (Citron tea, Jujube tea, Ginger tea, Chinese Quince tea, Aloe Vera tea, Citron & Aloe tea) and ginseng products.
We are committed to consistently supply the consumer and our customers with safe, high-quality food products. Tulip International is able to bring you and your family so many rich, healthy, vitamin foods.
We promise we can bring a great tasting product to market, make a difference in people's lives, and have a great time doing it. We believe that one can h