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    FR Coating



    Intumescent coating which is manufactured by Mov Limited is removable type. Thickness of intumescent material is 15mm, reinforced with wire mesh in mid depth, to enhance its performance and protects the valve actuator for 30 minutes against hydrocarbon pool fire. Based on this design capabilities, the valve actuator is not required to be sent to factory for coating any more. The intumescent coating can be installed on site for existing actuators without any modification of the actuator. The design of the intumescent coating comes in the form of 4 or 5 sections and assembled / secured with external fixing screws supplied by Mov Limited. The final painting used on the intumescent coating is an approved paint meant for the protection against UV rays.



    Passive fire protection (PFP) is one of the three components of structural fire protection and fire safety of a building structure or process equipment. The other two are Active Fire Protection (AFP) and Active Fire Suppression (AFS). PFP is an insulating system designed to prevent heat transfer from a fire to the structure or equipment being protected. These systems may be made from various materials and prominent among them are spray applied (or fluid cast) coatings / panels made from intumescent epoxy. Other PFP systems may include cementitious insulating panels or fibrous insulation blankets. In many cases PFP systems are used in conjunction with AFP / AFS systems such as water sprays, sprinklers and deluge, foam generation and inert gas suppression.



    1. The FR Coating consists of 15mm thick epoxy intumescent pre-cut sections with steel mesh reinforcement at mid depth.
    2. It is a removable / demountable type of intumescent PFP system. very effective for any kind of valve actuator and equipment.
    3. This product completely eliminates the need for transporting the valve actuator to a faraway assembly location saving substantial logistics costs, project delays and related complexities.
    4. FR Coating can be installed onto existing and/or new actuators at site without any modification of the actuator.
    5. The FR Coating is supplied in pre-engineered sections which are then assembled onto the valve actuator in the field. Component sections are attached using Stainless Steel (SS304) bolts.
    6. FR Coating may be painted with an approved paint to provide UV resistance and long-term service durability
    7. The pre engineered component sections can be “"Dis-Assembled”" to allow for inspection and maintenance and re-assembled to resume safe PFP service.



    Intumescent epoxy based reinforced panels
    Grey (other topcoat colors available on request)
    Volume Solids
    Typical Thickness
    Cured Density
    1000 kg/m3 casting
    Method of Fabrication
    Fluid Casting and air curing
    Ambient / Service
    Temperature Tolerance Range
    -30℃ to +85℃, - 45℃ to +150℃ (option)
    B2B Trade
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      South Korea South Korea
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      1B-6L,Gilcheon Industrial complex,Gilcheon-Ri,Sangbuk-Myoun,Uljoo-Gun,Ulsan City

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      Valves,Other Machinery Parts,Cable Accessories,Fireproofing Materials

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      MOV Limited founded in 1997 is the market leader in manufacturing and
      supplying engineered fire protection enclosures for valve actuators
      (Electric & Pneumatic). We also manufacture specialized fire protection
      boards for Cable Tray and Structural Steel.
      In addition to our quality products, we provide value-added services
      including design engineering, fabrication and installation support. We
      maintain a high ethical and moral standard with regard to our customers,
      suppliers and employees.
      Our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001: 2004

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      • U.A.E. U.A.E.
      • Philippines Philippines
      • Qatar Qatar
    • Main Product
      • FR Coating

        FR Coating

      • FIREPROOFING for valve actuator, FIREPROOFING for cable tray

        FIREPROOFING for valve actuator, FIREPROOFING for cable tray

      • FR Jacket

        FR Jacket

      • FR Board

        FR Board

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