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    Product name Auto Ref/Keratometer Certification -
    Category Medical Devices
    Other Optical Instruments
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    Keyword refractometer , keratometer , auto-ref keratometer Unit Size 25.0 * 53.0 * 49.0 cm
    Brand name PRK-9000 Unit Weigh 20 kg
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    Supply type - HS code 901850
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    Auto Ref/Keratometer


    Auto Ref/Keratometer has many functions such as automatic PD measurement, colored fogging chart, speedy printer, automatic power-saving mode, automatic chin-rest control and TFT LCD.
    It is also possible to perform cornea refractive power, cornea curvature measurement, contact lens base curve measurement and cornea & iris & cornea size measurement.



    │ FEATURES │

    editorimg Cornea Refractive Power, Cornea Curvature Measurement
    Wide area of spherical power from -25D to + 22D and cylinder power from -10D to +10D can be measured using specially designed PRK-9000.

    More exact cornea curvature can be measured from 5.0mm to 10.2mm by improved optical science design method.
     editorimg Corea, Iris, Cornea Size Measurement
    With image capture function of LED reflected image, cornea, iris, and pupil size can be measured conveniently.
     editorimg IOL MODE
    Can measure and observe IOL that is inserted after extracting crystalline lens from cataract.
     editorimg Contact Lens Base Curve (CLBC) Measurement
    User can check proper hard contact lens' base curve with back side holder of model eye and can check condition of lens surface.
    It helps user to prescribe customer contact lens exactly.
     editorimg Automatic PD Measurement
    PD measurements are performed automatically after measuring binocular power, and it displays in LCD window.
    Colored fogging chart
    Patients' eyes can be naturally fogged when measuring their eyes, so control interference can be forbidden, Therefore, measurement reliability can be improved with more exact date.
     editorimg Speedy printer
    A speedy printing can analyze various measurement date easily.
     editorimg Highter resolution TFT LCD
    With 6.4 inch TFT LCD, wide and superior image quality along with colored letters can be provided.
    Automatic power-saving mode
    In case user does not use the machine for certain time (user can set using time at SET-UP mode), system is changed to power-saving mode to avoid unnecessary power consumption and overheating of inner circuit
    Automatic chin-rest control function
    Chin-rest can be controlled automatically by one-touch button so that user can measure faster and easier
    Communication function among machineries
    User can measure and analyze date from refractor, lens meter and other machinery using RS-232C




    Measurement mode
    REF/KER MODE  Continuous Refractometry and Keratometry
    REF MODE  Refractometry
    KER MODE  Keratometry
    CLBC  Contact Lens Base Curve Measurement
    Measurement Range
    Cornea vertex distance(VD)  0.0, 12.0, 13.5, 15.0
    Spherical power(SPH)  - 25.00 ~ + 20.00 (VD=12.00)
      (0.12/0.25D STEP)
    Cylinder power(CYL)  0.00 ~ +-10.00D
      (0.12 or 0.25D STEP)
    Axis  1~180" (1" STEP)
    Cylinder Indication  -,+,+-
    Pupil distance(PD)  10~85mm
    Minimal pupil size  2.0mm
    Cornea Measurement Range
    Cornea curvature radius  5.0 ~ 10.2mm (0.01 STEP)
    Cornea power  33.00~67.50D
      (Cornea equivalence power=1.3375)
      (0.05/0.12/0.25D STEP)
    Cornea Cylinder Power  0.00~-15.00D(0.05/0.12/0.25D STEP)
    Cornea Cylinder Axis  1~180"(1"STEP)
    Cornea Diameter  2.0~14.00mm(0.1mm STEP)
    Inner printer  Built-in printer
    Monitor  6.4 " TFT LCD
    Thermal Printer  AC100-240V, 50/60Hz (Free Voltage, Free Frequency)
    Size/Weight  252(w) X 478(D) X 430(H)mm, about 20kg

    * Designs and details can be changed for its improvements without prior notice.
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    9 GERIX Inc

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Kim Dong Youl

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      2nd floor, 117, donggucheong-ro, Dong-gu, Daejeon, Korea

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      Our company has more than 10 year experience in this industry, and we have the CE certification, US FDA certification and ISO13485, so you can trust the quality.
      We have been manufacturing and managing the export of ophthalmic equipment like Auto Ref/keratometer, Chart projector (LED bulb) and LCD Chart projector.

      In order to meeting a new product, I live and breathe development with our employees today.
      Also, I will repay your attention and love for us with best-quality goods and service. Please always see Gerix with a warm eye. And we ask you your invariable encouragement and attention.
      We, our Gerix, will do our best for customer’s request.
      Thank you.


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