BioFact 2X Multi-Star PCR Series

BioFact 2X Multi-Star PCR Series

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pcr enzymes, taq dna polymerase, dna amplification, multiplex pcr,
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Category Education Supplies
Other Chemicals
Chemical Reagents & Products
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▶ HotStart PCR system ; chemical-mediated
▶ Multiple target DNA at once: up to 21 bands in a parallel
▶ Ultra-high specificity and sensitivity
▶ Easy to use (Master Mx type / Pre-Mix Type)

BioFact™ 2X Multi-Star PCR Series is a commercially available kit for multiple amplifications up to 21 products in parallel. Included BioFact™ H-Star Taq DNA Polymerase which is chemical-mediated HotStart DNA polymerase enables high specific and accurate detection by inhibition of non-specific amplification and primer-dimer due to its automatic heat-activation characteristics. BioFact™ 2X Multi-Star PCR Series is provided as two types, Master Mix (vial type) and Pre-Mix (8-strip tube type) for easy-use. They minimized the need for optimization, making the development of multiplex PCR assays both simple and fast.



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South Korea South Korea /
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Sung-Eun Moon
2F/3F, 240 Expo ST.,(48-2 wonchon-dong), Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea
Product Category
Other Chemicals,Pharmaceutical Intermediates,Pharmaceuticals
Company introduction
BIOFACT (Previous SolGent S&C Co.,Ltd.) is a spin-off company from SolGent Co.,Ltd which has been doing a business for over a decade in Korea. Recently our lines of product have been extended and many products have been newly released accordingly. In line with this, we renamed the company name "BIOFACT Co.,Ltd." to change the existing company image of "specialized enzyme company". Through this changing of strategy, BIOFACT can provide customers our better service and various products more efficiently. BIOFACT are manufacturing and supplying the various products which is basically used in the field of medical and biotechnology. And furthermore, BIOFACT provides various services which is associated with the research of the customer for the convenience of our customers and their better research results. BIOFACT can offer the best services to our customers through customized consulting services. BIOFACT has been discovering diverse products of Korean and global brands in order to provide the best products to the customers. In addition, we supply above products through our unique distribution network more quickly than any other companies. Well-trained staffs of BIOFACT make efforts for satisfying needs of our customers.
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