MXC Series Oil Mist Collector (Mount Type)

MXC Series Oil Mist Collector (Mount Type)

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Myungjin Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd

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Category Machinery & Parts
Other Machinery & Industry Equipment
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Product Information


MXC Series Oil Mist Collector (Mount Type)


Why is a collector necessary?

  1. It keeps a workplace clean and prevents safety accident by eliminating oil mist produced when metal is processed.
  2. It protects a worker’s health and prevents occupational disease by eliminating hazardous mist.
  3. It extends a life of the machine and improves productivity.


  • No after (post-treatment?) filter is required.
  • 99% of mist can be recovered and recycled.
  • As a centrifugal type, it is successful in capturing 99.9% of mist.
  • Equipped with a system which separates air from mist.
  • Effective in capturing a large amount of oil mist, water soluble, water insoluble.
  • Real time and forced mist emission ?mproved agility, Available for use for 24 hours.


  • It is intended to be mounted. Easy to install on a machine. Being compact size, it can be used in a narrow space.
  • Being equipped with triple filters, it is capable of completely capturing mist to fume.
  • Equipped with HEPA filter capable of capturing more than 99.9997% of mist of above 0.3 um.
  • As it captures mist near where produced, it is highly efficient in capturing.
  • Easy to clean and maintain, economical and an optional function of removing odor can be added.


Suitable for Small equipment such as CNC lathe, milling, tapping machine, electrical discharge machine, machine tool, washing machine, bolt and nut former

│Working Principle of Collector│

  1. Air containing oil mist are drawn from Suction inlet in the side.
  2. Oil mist are primarily filtered through a demister. Then, it helps particles of oil mist to be expanded and centrifuged.
  3. A powerful revolution speed of a motor facilitates separation of air from oil mist and oil drops.
  4. A large amount of oil mist are forced to be discharged, mist are discharged through a pipe. Before oil are discharged, remaining mist are discharged and captured completely once again through HEPA filter.
  5. Clean air separated from mist are discharged into a workplace.


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Myungjin Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
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Kim Hwang Ja
1663-5, Seongso 5th Industrial complex, Secheonri, Dasaeup, Dalsungkun, , Daegu, Korea
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Machinery & Parts,Machinery Parts Processing Services
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“BLACK HOLE” DUST COLLECTOR PRODUCTS offered by the Myungjin Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd. allow flexible custom designing as per the particular natures of jobsites, specific equipment characters, postures of operators and types of dusts involved. The employees and management of Myungjin Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd. are committed to present the satisfaction to customers with no simple portable collectors but custom manufactured dust collectors exactly fitting to each particular jobsite condition based on the technologies and trust accumulated to date for 26 years.

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