Camshaft Wheel

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14 Shinhan Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd.

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    Camshaft Wheel

    Application (Field)
    Diamond Tools
    Camshaft Wheel
    Vitrified bonded wheel for Cam Shaft grinding adopted an innovative technique known as Vitwell method, to maximize the grinding efficiency of diamond grits, and it contributes to obtain outstanding surface finish and longer life span.
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    14 Shinhan Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      10L 36B, 610-9 Namchon-dong Namdong-gu Incheon

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      Other Machinery & Industry Equipment,Other Bearings

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      Company Introduction


      " We, Shinhan Diamond Industrial

      Company, Ltd., strive to become Global No.1 "


      Shinhan Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd. has produced a variety of diamond tools from products for construction and stone to those for precision industries and high-tech materials such as silicon wafers for semiconductor and the flat panel display including LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and OLED(Organic Light Emitting Diodes) since its establishment i 1978.


      These diamond tools are used when having your house or office built or repaired or renovated, and even when highways, roads, and bridges that you drive on are constructed. In all kinds of TVs in your home, and in your computers and monitors are some parts made by those diamond tools. Our products are widely used in the country's main industries such as automobile, glass, LED, and semiconductor as well as the construction area.


      Believing diamond tools greatly contribute to advanced civilization, we strive to provide futuristic products and services for advanced civilization and social development by continuously upgrading our manpower and developing new high-technology.



      In order to grow into "Global No.1."


      We, with our heart full of dream toward bright future and unlimited trust on each of us, do our best to meet rapidly-changing needs and conditions of the markets with speedy and creative solutions. As a result, Shinhan Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd. has become a leader in Korean domestic diamond tool industry, increasing its sales by 43% during the past 3 years.


      Not only are we continuously developing new high-technology and upgrading our manpower,but expanding its business and operation into the global margket.

      Being cautious of complacency about what we have achieved, we will continue to develop ourselves with responsibility and the mind of owner and grow to dignified Global No. 1 fitting into the digital era.

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