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    Squirrel Massager can stimulate meridian point effectively !

    With various different massage sticks to massage different part of your body, you can feel like a massage from human hands. Also you can control massage speed and strength by dialing speed controller, so that you can enjoy desirable massage strength. Our Squirrel massager is the best handheld massager.

    It is enable to give you best massage effects on your various parts of your body, such as Neck, Elbow, Calve, Backbone, Belly, Sole, Abdomen, Forearm, Underarm, knee, Thigh, Heel, etc.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      14,Baekbeom-ro 677beon-gil, Seo-gu, Incheon, Korea

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      Medical Devices,Body Massagers,Other Health Care Products

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      We, Welbutech Co., Ltd, has been a leading manufacturer of electrical appliance (Home health care products). Over past ten years, we have been devoted to designing and developing different kinds of small electrical appliances including calf massager, handheld massager, nose clean etc.  We are certified with ISO 13485, ISO 14001.  Most importantly, we boast an experienced team of industrial design, Engineering, R&D, Quality control and production.  All this enable our company to manufacture competitive, high quality and popular product with high efficiency.  Oriented to international markets, our productions are sold to various countries, such as USA, Canada, Japan, Russia, Middle East, Taiwan and  Australia. We have established a strong network with well-known brands and clients in global business cooperation.  Most of our products have authoritative approvals for international standards, such as CE(MDD), RoHs, UL, FDA(510K) and patents for all our products.  We sincerely invite your esteemed company to contact our sale team to know more about us and our products. We welcome OEM and ODM.



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      • Welbutech Co., Ltd.
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