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hand drill, nail drill, dental lab handpiece, micro motor handpiece for dental lab,
Nail Tools , Dental Handpiece & Accessories , Dental Lab Equipment , Power Drill
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Dae Young Precision Co.

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South Korea South Korea /
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Product name Micro motor handpiece Certification -
Category Nail Tools
Dental Handpiece & Accessories
Dental Lab Equipment
Power Drill
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Keyword hand drill , nail drill , dental lab handpiece , micro motor handpiece for dental lab Unit Size -
Brand name SUPER Unit Weigh -
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Supply type - HS code 8467

Product Information

Super-DP6+NH1(40,000 R.P.M)

Standing type

FND Installed

Various R.P.M control method

Self Diagnosis & Reset function

Feedback function

Excellent durability

Bur exchange

Special ball bearing installed

Double handpiece output system

Strong Torque



FND Display Box Installed
R.P.M is shown in FND display box for easy monitoring.

Various R.P.M Control Methods
R.P.M throttle can be controlled by hand or foot/knee using respective switches.

R.P.M Control Function for Safety
You can choose from an R.P.M range from a min of 0 to a max of 60,000 performance and can be controlled by foot or
knee within the selected range in the R.P.M dial, therefore, optimizing safety and operation efficiency. The LED shows the stood R.P.M. making it convenient to operate back again to same R.P.M.

Keep the selected speed and direction, no need to use foot/knee switches. Useful for working at a constant speed.

Self Diagnosis & Reset Function
It makes a self-diagnosis and shows Error Code (E1, E2, E3) in LED box whenever it breaks down or malfunctions.
Turn the power switch back on to reset after the problem is fixed.

Basic Mode Operation Set
Turn on the power switch, it will be set in basic mode.
• R.P.M control: Foot direction (Knee or Foot select).
• Rotation direction: Forward.
• R.P.M: must select "0" by function of safety.

Rotation Select
One can select either forward or reverse.

*Strength and Purpose

Low noise, Low vibration
Brushless motor makes lower noise, lesser vibration and can be used semi-permanently. It is very useful for more
accurate and detailed work..

Excellent Durability
• By using the brushless motor that does not make carbon dust , bearing can be used for long periods.
• Spindle is specifically designed for lesser impact on bearing. The bearing has excellent durability and can be used
for long periods.

Easy Bur Exchange Type Using Ball
• Handle can be twisted smoothly due to the installed ball inside.
• Handpiece is European grip designed.

Installed Special Ball Bearing
Special ball bearings are installed inside the handpiece. It brings less heat and noise for operation. Bearing can be
used for long periods.

Strong Torque
• Maintains a strong torque at low and high speed.
• Using sensor-less type motor that reduces troubles on account of broken wires.

• It is the best instrument for cutting in laboratories.
• It is very good for works that require and demand power and strength.
• It is excellent for finishing mold works with super precision cutting without any swing in the vibration bar.
• It is excellent for marking letters or carving on the surface of woods, metals or shellfish.





Maximum load current

Consumed Power










- dimension







W: 96mm

L: 263mm

H: 230mm

W: 2,500g







L: 162mm

W: 358g


NP5+NH1(40,000 R.P.M)


Non-stage speed system

Automatic protection system & Reset function

Feedback function

Double handpiece output system

Excellent durability

Easy bur exchange

Installed special ball bearing



Non-stage speed system

Automatic protection system & Reset function

Excellent durability

Run on low speed

easy bur exchange type using Cam

Installed special ball bearing




Steel case

Non-stage speed system

Slim Design

Excellent durability

Easy bur exchange type using Cam

Installed special ball bearing

B2B Trade

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Dae Young Precision Co.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
Business type



Heon Wook Lee
44-127, IHyeon-dong, Seo-gu, Daegu
Product Category
Dental Handpiece & Accessories,Dental Lab Equipment,Power Drill
No. of Total Employees
Company introduction

We, DAEYOUNG PRECISION CO. are manufacturing Micro motor handpiece of the best quality since our establishment in June 1999. Our brand name is "SUPER" that has been selling around the world.

The products are manufactured in our company. They are dental lab’s handpiece , micro motor drill and nail drill.


We have 40 products certificated KGMP from KFDA(Korean Food and Drug Administration).


Our products got CE certification for the exportation of Europe and new products are progressing for CE certification.


We are exporting to U.S.A, Turkey, Germany, Europe, Brazil etc,


The quality of our products has stability under strict inspection regulations.


Replacing of the parts is very simple so anyone can repair our products, if user has a little knowledge about it. We are also supplying the parts.

Our products have the excellent durability. They are installed a double sealing device to protect from the dust.

Also our products are installed Micro motor is high speed for handpiece. It can be control the speed by foot/knee/hand and it can fit precision work at high speed without vibration.

Micro motor for dental lab is necessary product to make artificial teeth.

It is control the speed and power. So it is able to work effectively.

Power units are two types. One type is the analogue method and favorable cost.

Another is the digital method (it can be checked the speed by eyes.)

Also new model, BLP5 is not nose at 60,000R.P.M and torque is strong as 10N.Cm.


Micro motor drill  make good use of carving metal, jewelry, stone and wood.

It also is control the speed and power.


The other model is nail drill that has two types.

One type is silver color and has good durability. Another type is slim and various color.  General colors are silver, black, gray, blue and red.

Power units are two types. One typed is compact and be made of steel.

Another is ABS type that can be choice the color.

Regular function of power units are Forward/Reverse and speed control.

Also, you can choice and customize among overlock function (to protect of product), foot switch and foot speed control.


If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us.

Contact Person: Su Hyeon Kim (Lara)  
 Tel: 82-53-525-6091 Fax: 82-53-525-6092

Main Markets

Canada Canada

China China

Germany Germany

U. Kingdom U. Kingdom

India India

Italy Italy

Jordan Jordan

Thailand Thailand

Turkey Turkey


Factory Information

44-128, Ihyeon-dong,

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