Myeonchungdaejang (insect injury)

Myeonchungdaejang (insect injury)

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eco-friendly agricultural farming material, eco-friendly agriculture, liquid fertilizer, plant nutrient
Insecticides , Organic Fertilizer , Other Fertilizers
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Product name Myeonchungdaejang (insect injury) Certification -
Category Insecticides
Organic Fertilizer
Other Fertilizers
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Keyword eco-friendly agricultural farming material , eco-friendly agriculture , liquid fertilizer , plant nutrient Unit Size -
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Managerial material for crop disease injury


Product, extracted from plants, contains insecticidal substance effective in crop protective function.
Eco-friendly effective management material for insect injury free from chemical residue.


Effective in contact poison of imago and larva, and eating hindrance by insecticidal ingredient of plant.


  • List registration No 11-Organism-4-211
  • Name of material kind : Managerial material for crop disease injury (plant extract +pyroligneous liquor)
  • Capacity : 500ml


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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
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Park Maeho
# 359, Muok-ro, Osan-myeon, Gokseong-gun, Jeollanam-do
Product Category
Insecticides,Organic Fertilizer,Other Fertilizers
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Company introduction

Agricultural Corporation Nature & Future, which is run by those who put philosophy of life in food items and established in Bio-resource Industrialization Center of Dongshin University, and performed University-Industry Cooperation Agreement (10/1/2007) and has been researching and developing Eco-friendly living organism material product related to disease and insect damage by life-bio technology, native micro-organism and EM and natural plant extract along with Eco-friendly certification and GAP certification of consulting business. At present, one of the most difficult problems, to solve weed removal problem, we developed "Daepo" which is a kind of fire exploder and registered a patent (#10-0895329) and in the process of mass production.

As an Agricultural, Industrial and Commercial Fusion S & M enterprise designated by Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and Small & Medium Business Administration, we participate in R&D of Honam Broad Area Economy Zone Advance Industry hosted by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and develop "Eco-friendly organic farming disease and insect prevention material product and crop physiological growth material". We performed MOU with Jeonnam province and have Consulting team, R&D team, Production Circulation team under the Business Headquarters, and we are providing safe food items through Eco-friendly farming material production and propelling total marketing from production to circulation by using antioxidant like polyphenol along with enlargement distribution of microorganism material products and "Hyoso agriculture" development of plant physiological activator, processing export to Latin America and South-West Asian countries. We hope your continuous care and encouragement. Thank you.

Nature & Future Inc CEO Mae-ho Park

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Nature & Future Factory

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