Health Dream Pillow GP-010

Health Dream Pillow GP-010

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Gold Mill

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Product name Health Dream Pillow GP-010 Certification -
Category Pillow & Pillow Case
Other Health Care Products
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Product Information

Health Dream Pillow GP-010


59 x 34 x 7cm
Cover-cotton 100%
Outer cover-Micro fiber whole cloth/Bamboo fiber(optional)
inside cover-Knit whole cloth
Memory Foam
Air pump
raw rubber
Air tube
PVC fumishings
Air pump
raw rubber

│Health Dream Pillow Description│

C-curve pillow shaped along the body line for protecting cervical vertebrae :

  • Embedded air bag can adjust the height and helps to keep the best sleeping body posture.
  • This keeps the neck bone as normal (C-curve) when lied and keeps straight body posture with parallel neck bone and back bon when lied on the side.
  • It prevents extreme snoring by opening the air duct.
  • Memory foam protects the neck muscle by dispersing head weight (adult head weight around 8kg) and helps to in comfortable posture.
  • Ceramic material in the pillow helps blood circulation and gives sound sleep.

│Health Dream Pillow Features│

  1. Memory foam :

    Advanced material developed by NASA Memory form was developed to reduce the shock and vibration to protect astronauts when a spaceship escapes from the atmosphere by U.S National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Its low elasticity gives a sense of unity with human skin and it is an excellent bedding material which helps to sleep sound through stable adhesiveness, dispersion of body pressure and absorptiveness

  2. Super extremely thin thread pillow cover :

    With its less than 1/100 of hair thickness (diameter 1 micrometer=1/1,000,000m) thread which was processed with high technology, it absorbs moisture excellently, washed and drained easily.

  3. Characteristics of outer cloth of bamboo fiber : natural material , eco-friendly health fiber (option)

    - Hygienic fiber with antiseptic effects against bacteria and bad smells that are harmful to
    - Fairly good for sensitive skins as being soft to touch and bearing no stings to skin.
    - Fine absorptiveness and ventilativeness.
    - Materials from bamboo as refreshing have the better effects of feeling-cool than those from
    - The cooling and high absorbency effects of the BAMBOO will keep the cool and
    dry touch for being comfortable to wear in wearing and feeling the light-weighted.

  4. Ceramic :

    Ceramic which emits far infrared ray and anion is mounted on the Health Dream pillow and helps blood circulation and dissolves muscle fatigue.

  5. Air bag and air pump equipped :

    Embedded air bag inside the memory foam can adjust the height depending on the individual somatotype and helps to protect cervical vertebrae and prevents neck disk caused by bad body posture.

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Gold Mill

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
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Sanghwa Choi
#389-30, Manchon-1dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea
Product Category
Fruit & Vegetable Processing Machines,Other Health Care Products
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Company introduction

Our company, GOLD MILL was established in 1993.
In the beginning period, we won consumer confidence by introducing a home food-mixer suitable for the Korean food culture. We have manufactured various home appliances through constant technical development. Specially, we invented blades suitable for the strength of powerful motor and the structure of diverse containers, all of which enable us to make products possible to simultaneously blend and grind materials in one container. We have grown to be an expert specializing in home appliances and manufacturing high quality products with reasonable price.

We have participated in many exhibitions and focused our efforts on overseas marketing. Also, we are trying to invent products not confined to specific circumstances but available in all countries by studying different food culture in the world. We, GOLD MILL promise to become a global company with our outstanding high quality products in the future.

Just as a tiny difference in everyday life is the foundation of big progress in technical development, we, GOLD MILL will also consistently serve as a consumer-friendly company through constant technical development.

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