Top bait gel (cockroach gel)

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     ▶ Before the use of "TOP BAIT GEL" it is necessary to sudy about the kind of Cockroaches are found on earth,

    they American Cockroaches(periplaneta Americana) German Cockroaches(blattela Germanica),

    Asian Cockroaches(Blattela Asahinai Mizikuba) and many more but commonly found are the mentioned species in Asia.

    Many people mistakenly believe that only dirty-people get Cockroaches but is is myth.

    Every home or commercial Kitchen Has the potential to have cockroaches.

    For the complete treatment of this pest SAMMIGLORY introducing "TOP BAIT GEL" is formulated after deep study to

    use in Asian Environment.

    A Nourishing, Odourless Cockroaches Bait.

    Composition : 0.05 Fipronil Inert fats, carbohydrates, fishmeal, purified water etc.

    Danger Classification : None

    Packing Sentence : None

    Packing : 35g, 60g, 250g

    Applications : 0.05g dots on sq. meter

    Country of Origin : (South korea) MSDS available

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    8 Sammi Glory co.,LTD

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      Hello We are one of the leading company in South Korea and we are the member of NPMA. We have specialised in pest control and we have been in this business field for 10 years. We have customers in the world for 50 countries and 250 companies. We are selling the followng products; 1. Thermal fogger(Portable, Vehicle mounted, Mini fogger) 2. ULV sprayer(Engine type portable, Vehicle mounted, Wide area covering, electric type ULV sprayer) 3. Glue traps for rat, cockroach, bird, and fly 4. Cockroach gel, ant gel, station 5. Pest repeller for Bird, rat, cockroach, mosquitoes and other insects 6. Pesticide for rats, ant, and mosquitoes 7. Mosquito traps, bracelets, and patches 8. Battery operated ULV sprayer 9. Steam fogger and purifier And we have many other pest control products. For more information you can visit our website then you will see the products and if you have any further questions please feel free to contact us. I wish to establish long term business and make mutual benefits. I appreciate hearing from you soon. Best regards,

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        Top bait gel (cockroach gel)

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