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Technology : AVF, CFI, GEF, TTR



Angular Velocity Fulcrum butt design (AVF) : Much like in a modern archer's bow, the AVF design seeks to create momentum and angular velocity by using the biggest and strongest portion of the shaft (the butt section) more effectively.

Conventional golf shafts do not focus on the butt section to build kinetic energy, preferring instead to allow the shaft's tip section (the shaft's smallest and weakest point) to control angular velocity, launch angle, and backspin rates. In AVF shafts, using ideas borrowed from archery, energy is built in the butt section and then dynamically released towards the mid section. With this high-energy butt section and gradient energy flow through the tip section, a giant, powerful fulcrum is created which greatly increases the force that is applied to the clubhead and the golf ball.



- Uses the shaft\'s butt section to create a bigger fulcrum

- Allows for greater launch and spin control




Circumferential Flexural Integrity is an innovative layup method devised to insure a shaft's flexing properties are consistent around the 360� circumference.

It is imperative to keep these values as close together as possible during manufacturing to ensure consistent dynamic response and output performance of the shaft. A shaft must have the same flex characteristics around it's circumference before it can be truly matched to another shaft. Matrix also manufactures a testing apparatus called The Universal. This was designed to provide technically advanced club builders and OEMs an opportunity to test any shaft on the market.



- Every Matrix Shaft is tested for CFI

- CFI checks that each shaft has a consistent flex, despite the orientation




Gradient Energy Flow tip design(GEF) : Conventional golf shafts experience their greatest amount of energy deformation between the mid and tip sections. This "weakness" will reduce the stability of the clubhead at impact and can accentuate the "sliding" of the clubface across the ball, leading to higher spin rates. By contrast, certain Matrix Shafts use a direct Gradient Energy Flow.

While static measurements like "tip deflection" and "CPM" remain similar to less energy-efficient counterparts, concentrating on more direct energy flow means more energy reaches the clubhead. More stability is created at impact, resulting in higher MOI. Less clubface-to-ball friction results in less backspin, a true high launch, and low spin flight can be created.



- Minimizes energy loss at tip section

- Allows for more stability at impact for higher A101

- Works with AVF to create high-launch, low-spin ball flights




Tip Torsional Resistance is a proprietary stability method of controlling the unwanted deformation in the lower sections of a golf shaft.

TTR greatly reduces the tendency of the tip of a shaft to twist in the impact zone and significantly reduces the longitudinal deformation ("S" curve) while in dynamic motion. This added structural stability results in controlled side launch deviation, more centered contact, more consistent spin results, and higher energy transfer into the golf ball. This combination yields explosive distance and straighter Shots.



- Used in woods, TTR can dramatically tighten dispersion and aid in solid contact

- Used in irons, TTR may have its most dramatic applications, thus eliminating the deformations that come with using steel iron shafts


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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
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Jun Jai-hong
799-9, Yeoksam 1-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
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Company introduction

MFS GOLF is...


MFS Golf started in 1998 with Millenium Golf, and reorganized the brand as "MFS" brand in 2001. Currently, we are leading the golf industry with "Orange Syndrome". We launched the elite brand, MATRIX GOLF CLUB in March 2006, which signified a further step in VIP Marketing.

MFS Golf will continue the traditional approach through “OZIK" , "IRUDA", and "SQRT" models.


[Explanation of MFS brand name]

* “OZIK”. This is Korean and it is a “Only” in English.

It means that MFS golf club is the only one the worlds most unique performance club.

* “IRUDA”. This is Korean and it is a “Achieve”, “Accomplish” in English.

It means that “IRUDA” will make your longer distance dream come true.

* “SQRT”. This is a “Square root”.

It means that “SQRT” will multiply your distance.


[Effort of MFS GOLF]

1. MFS Golf prioritizes on product improvement, above all else.

We persevere in R/D, and prioritize our personnel and financial efforts under the motto, "Customer satisfaction is the optimum indicator in golf club businesses".


2. We take a great pride in being a leading golf club manufacturer, and concentrate on technology improvement.

We have established our "Fitting System" based on 13,200 fitting analysis data, and exclusive manual development, and cutting technology. We have also developed "fitting equipment" through our own technology, and are supplying the service to the customers in our country.


3. Not only are we opting to be an asset in the golf community, but also to the society. We operate MFS Golf Team, provide support to the junior players, and try to give back to the society.


[MFS GOLF’s Resolution to be a global golf company]

21st Century is definitely a time for change, and we intend to step further by continuously developing the golf industry, and step into the domain of global corporations.



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