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Construction Adhesives

seunghyun co.,ltd

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South Korea South Korea / 2005
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Product Information


SeungHyun water-based flexible polyurethane foam, Tiger Foam-2K is eco-friendly building material having an excellent insulation, adhesion and outstanding economic effects.

  • Tiger Foam has foam is composed of 2 components: subject(Polyol) and hardener(MDI).
  • Tiger Foam 2K has a low thermal conductivity and excellent insulation to maximize energy efficiency.
  • Tiger Foam 2K is a water-based product which is blown by the reaction with water that Tiger Foam 2K is an ideal system which is intimate to the Environment of the Earth.


Advantages of the product

  • Easy and convenient to use for everyone
  • Easy to move as portable type so suitable for a difficult and narrow place.
  • Promote convenience by simplifying the spray gun and mixing equipment.
  • Less mist scattering is effective in safety and hygiene at work.
  • Container can’t be reused but contents in the container can be reused with replacing the nozzle tip.



 Excellent insulation

   The closed cell structure of Tiger Foam- 2K shows a very low thermal conductivity and this results a long-term thermal insulation effect as well as high thermal insulation effect.


 Excellent water vapor transmission resistance

   The closed cell structure of Tiger Foam 2K has little degradation of the insulating effect due to the strong resistance to the penetration of water and water vapor.


Excellent adhesion

Tiger Foam 2K has excellent adhesion on concrete, plywood and metal surface by direct spray, without a separate adhesive unlike other insulation materials. (but it has weak adhesion to PE, PP, Teflon)


Self-extinguishing (Combustibility)

 Tiger Foam 2K has a perfect self-extinguishing ability. i.e. when the fire touch on the surface of Tiger Foam 2K, the fire soon get extinguished after only the surface is a little burned.  (Test method by KS M 3809)


Excellent dimensional stability

 Tiger Foam 2K has little dimensional changes according to the environment or after spraying with a constant thickness.

 The rate of dimensional change after 24hours

 In case of high temperature(70C) & humidity(90%) : -1.2 +/_ 1.0% 

In case of low temperature(5C) : 0.1 +/_ 1.0%



Tiger Foam 2K does not use Freon(CFC, HCFC) as blowing agents which are harmful to the environment. With the mixture of the water-based materials, the reaction generates carbon dioxide which blows 100-fold. This “2K flexible polymer insulator”is a eco-product which is helpful to the prevention of Global warming.


High airtightness / sound absorption

 Tiger Foam 2K is expanded 100 times when it is sprayed so that it has excellent thermal insulation and sound absorption effect by the complete air-tightness performance which shows 99% the absence of air motion.


Excellent durability

Tiger Foam 2K shows excellent durability to preserve the original outlook without discoloration or deformation under certain conditions like polluted urban area, factory area, or under bad external environment area or the coastal area affected by brine.




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seunghyun co.,ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2005
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jae-you koh
Deoksan-myun, Gusan-ri,518-2, Jincheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea
Product Category
Construction Adhesives
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SeungHyun Co., Ltd located in Jincheon, Chungbuk focuses on the development and production of one-component polyurethane foam enterprises. SeungHyun Co., Ltd is providing Total Solutions for Customer Satisfaction with specializing Industrial and Household Aerosol products’ OEM, ODM filling, packaing. Currently, SeungHyun Co., Ltd is in active entry in local market as well as overseas’ market like Japan, Australia, South-East Asia, Russia, Mongol with result in significant growth.

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