Radial inductor (Pin type / Filter / Choke)

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Coilmaster Electronics Co.,Ltd

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Other Passive Components
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Shielded type inductor (Radial)

Inductance: 1.8 to 15,000μH
Inductance tolerance: ±10% and ±20%
Operating temperature: -40 to +125°C
DCR (maximum): 0.002 to 3.390Ω
Saturated current: 1.3 to 27A

More size or information , please feel free to contact us.

Applications: used in switching regulators, power amplifiers, power supplies, SCR and Triac controls, speaker crossover networks, RFI suppression and filters

Leaded inductor with ferrite core / High-current / High-reliability / Low-resistance / AC line filters / Air core coil / Common mode choke /  coils / Radial choke inductors / Shielded radial choke / Toroidal coil / Ferrite beads / Wide band chokes / Axial lead  / fixed inductors

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Coilmaster Electronics Co.,Ltd

Country / Year Established
Taiwan Taiwan /
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9F-3 No. 398, Huan Bei Rd, Chung Li, Taoyuan 32070 Taiwan
Product Category
Other Passive Components,Inductors,Connectors
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Coilmaster Electronics - A Professional SMD Power Inductor , Choke , Coil supplier in the world by constantly and improvement . We specialize in manufacturing various types of magnetic and inductive to our customers with the best in service and value . Coilmaster performs prompt delivery , competitive price and best service in order to save customer's time and money.

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