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alkaline water, water filter, functional filter,
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Water & People Co., Ltd.

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South Korea South Korea /
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Supply type - HS code 84212190

Product Information

We have technologies to produce block filters of various uses and functional materials.
For details of our suppliable water filters, please refer to our web-site.

We concentrated its efforts to develop and manufacture various kinds of functional filters by combination of natural mineral ores, coconut-shell activated carbon, ceramic balls and reduction catalyzing agents according to its functional features.
As a result of such efforts, we produce differentiated filters with obtaining 5 invention patents and applying for 2 patents.
We are producing and supplying various kinds of water filtration filters and functional water purification filters.(10 inch ~ 20 inch)
◾ New concept and new technology of the U-type water purification filter
1. The functional filters filled with raw materials selectively according to the required performance are produced at lower costs.
2. As the new concept carbon filter is made without using inside cylinder that is used for the existing U-type products, carbon is put into this filter two fifths more than the existing filters (as much as the amount for I-type products)
3. As the length of water flow in the filter is doubled by new technology, the taste of water are improved and life of filter is extended.
4. In installing and assembling the filters, required length of tubing pipe is less and it is easy to assemble.

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Water & People Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
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Mr. Yoo Heejae
Lotte Castle President 101 - 1602 , Mapo-Daero 109, Mapo-Gu, Seoul, Korea
Product Category
Water Softeners,Water Treatment
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Company introduction

We are a manufacturer of Alkaline water purifiers and generators in Korea. And we are producing water purifiers and generators with ceramic balls for Alkaline water generating and water purification filters. For our product details, please refer to our web-site http://www.water-people.co.kr

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