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    Product name Golf Steam Cleaner Certification -
    Category Golf
    Steam Cleaners
    Car Cleaning Tools
    Cleaning Equipment & Parts
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    Keyword steam wash , bike wash , electric steam , bicycle wash Unit Size 365.0 * 385.0 * 410.0 mm
    Brand name CNSC SMART+ Unit Weigh 14 kg
    origin South Korea Stock -
    Supply type - HS code 8479501000
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    Terms of delivery CIP (as per INCOTERMS 2000)

    which means the machine will arrive at the nearest Airport bond area for our account.

    Since then, you should pay import tax(if any), collect and arrange courier to your place.


    * General

    - With the use of high-temperature and high-pressure steam, users can clean a grip/head/shaft by themselves as they check the polluted parts.

    - Restored sense of excellent grip / Excellent power of cleaning and sterilization / Excellent convenience for use

    * Main Features

    1. High temperature/pressure cleaning of pollutants, such as sweat and foreign substances, on the grip.

    2. Easily cleans the dimple marks on a club’s face.

    3. Shin restore of the steel shaft.

    4. Possible to use in a driver, a wood, an iron, a putter, and so on, regardless of the kinds of golf clubs.

    5. Takes more or less five minutes in cleaning a full set of 14 golf clubs.

    6. Thanks to its easy operation, it can be used by everyone.

    7. No restrictions in the installation if power is provided by means of built-in water tanks.

    8. It is designed to protect itself against freezing (min. -20℃).

    9. The compact size enables installation in small space.

    10. Onetime water loading enables the cleaning of about 200 sets.

    11. Can be continuously operated for 24 hours.


    * Specifications

    - 220V 50~60Hz 2000W~30W (110V 50~60Hz)

    - steam temperature: 158 degrees / steam pressure: max 5.5bar (kg/cm2)

    - standard: 365 * 390 * 850mm

    - Built-in water tank 20L (200 people)

    - Enable direct water line construction.


    * Options

    1. Hot Water Jet:

    A combination of hot water jet and vapor. Dual pumps.

    The higher humidity of the steam jet contains more water.

    The highest rinsing effect is achieved.

    -Vapor steam - 35g/min water (Vapor amount 56L/min)

    -Hot Water Jet - 500g/min water (Vapor amount 800L/min)

    2. Vending machine (Profitable business model)

    -Any round coin can be set.

    -Time can be set every minute.


    3. Stand / Color of the product

    Standard stand ( 36.5*48*56.5 / Dark grey ) can be ordered for the option order.

    -Buil-in water tank 20L

    -Customized stand and color of the product can be offered as the quantity of the order.

    (Specific structural drawing and color by number is required.

    Customized unit price will be quoted as the terms of the order)


    4. Direct water supply line

    Comparing to other products, direct water system give more convenience and less cost of the maintenance.

    -One touch in-let fitting is constructed.


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    8 CNSC.Inc

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      Choi Sunwoo

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      305,Busan-inbizcenter, 1,Mandeok3-ro 16beon-gil,Buk-gu,Busan,Korea(616-829)

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      Steam Cleaners,Car Cleaning Tools,Cleaning Equipment & Parts

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      C&SC Global is a company specializing in producing steam cleaning-related equipment and providing steam cleaners used for golf clubs. In order to respond to an era where national competitiveness diversifies, we at CNSC INC.continue to make efforts to createa company that will steadily grow with its customersby exploring new technology and providing stabilized high-quality products, competitive prices, and quick and sincere services.We believe that when we work hard as a true steam cleaner-specialized company, it will surely benefit not only our company and customers but also the whole society. Therefore, we promise to be reborn as a leader in the cleaner industry until our customers are completely satisfied with our products.

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