Nnature MDR 150(Home Use 1kg capacity)

Nnature MDR 150(Home Use 1kg capacity)

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Waste Management
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Product Information

Nnature Home Use(dry type) │ Nnature MDR 150(Home Use 1kg capacity)

Food waste, settle it just once a year!
New nature- Nature(R)


  1 kg(2.20Lbs) per time, 2kg(4.40 Lbs) per day


  272mm(W) X 340mm(D) X 350mm(H)
  10.70 Inch(W) X 13.38 Inch(D) X 13.78 Inch(H)


  9.5 kg (20.94 lbs)

  How to use

  Input the food waste and start the operation just by pressing button once.

  Operation Method

  Open the lid and put the food waste into the drying pot and close the lid.
  Then just press the operation button. once.


  Completely dried after 4 to 11 hours
  (The drying hour is different according to the water containing
  rate and the input volume. but in case of 0.1 kg(0.22Lbs),
  it takes 4 hours on an average up to drying and crushing, then
  the cooling fan works for an hour, of which the electric power
  consumption is very low.).


  The volume of food waste is reduced up to 67% ~ 95% after disposal
  (77% on the approval of Korean Industrial Tech. Lab.)


  The odor occurring on the process of disposal is removed by itself through
  the material developed with our new Technology .
  But if open the lid on the process of the operation, it smells.

* How to buy "Nnature" at your country
Kindly contact us and we will inform our agent at your country. Then our agent will faithfully serve you

* Product Features with our pride

  • Best quality and Best selling product of Food Waste Disposer
  • It is not the hot air drying type like hair dryer.
  • No need to install it complicatedly but just stand.
  • Just make the plug-in and use.
  • The odor is removed by itself without using any filter.
  • The mechanism is well designed strongly.


More Features

1. Automatic Operation System by pressing a button once.
Just press the operation button once, then the disposal is completed
and then automatically stopped.



2. Self-Diagnosis and triple safety mechanism.
Anyone can do the operation easily with the automatic protection system
by Micom against the over-heat, the over-load and over-current.
In case that any problem occurs on the process, it is noticed by alerting
and also LED on the display window blinks repeatedly.



3. The adoption of the safety sensor on the lid .
When the lid is opened on the process of operation, it stopped automatically.
(When the lid is closed, it works again.)



4. The economical maintenance cost.
It is the direct heating and cycling system with the economical electric power.
The food waste volume is much reduced after disposal.
(The standard input weight is about 1 kg and the recommended input
volume is about two third of the drying pot.



5. The effluent crushed and dried like the coffee powder.
The efficiency of the weight reduction is excellent as a strongly crushing
and stirring type. Also the storage and the settlement of effluent, which is
dried by automatic self checking system of water containing rate, is simple
and easy
(The shape of effluent may be different according to the kind of food waste



6. The odor removal system without any filter
The disposal system without any filter and the cooling/cycling system by the new
technology and the odor on the process is removed without replacing any component.



7. Disinfection and Sanitation function
It disinfects the bacterium with the high temperature (120 degree) as a direct
heating system. ( No need any filter or any energy power)



8. The excellent weight /volume reduction rate
The water containing rate of effluent after dried is 3 percent more or less.
Also the weight of food waste is reduced 80 percent over than before dried.
(The volume reduction rate is about one tenth.)



9. Environmental friendly and Reusable of effluent
The contaminated and waste water does not occur on the process of food waste
disposal and its effluent can be used for the fodder or the fertilizer.

* Right way of the use

1. How to settle the food waste.

1) In case of the vegetables with long/big size and the roughage like the peel of
banana or water melon, input it by slicing in the small pieces.
2) In case of the much water containing food waste or the big volume,
the disposal takes longer.
* The standard of one time input weight/volume is 1kg and within two third of
the drying pot)
3) In case that the food waste contains the rice or the starch, dispose it mixed with
the vegetable. The food waste containing the much starch may lump like a ball.
4) It is recommended to start the operation once the food waste is accumulated
up to 70 percent of the drying pot because the small volume may cause
the incomplete drying.

2. The Caution on the use.

1) Do not input anything besides the food , like the bone of cow/pig, the edible oil, the wooden chopsticks, the cap of bottle , a piece of glass , any kind of vinyl and metal. If such a material is input, it makes the noise and it may cause the malfunction.

2) If open the lid on the process of operation, it may smell. So do not open the lid. Also do not touch the drying pot because it is hot.

3) Fit the drying pot completely to the main body. If it is fitted incompletely, try to turn the stirring brad (the stirring apparatus
of L shape) left or right.

4) Do not detach the lid and the main packing, or do not cause the damage on them. Keep each packing clean because, if contaminated, it may cause the oder.

5) Input the volume properly , so as for the grill part of the lid not to be blocked. When you make the grill clean, detach it by pushing the lock knob to the direction of arrow mark. When you set it to the lid after making clean, press and fit it completely until the lock knob sounds tick.

6) When the dried food waste is crushed, it may sound click. So it is not out of order.

7) Once it is dried and get cool enough (when you do not feel warm on the main body), if you take out the remnant , it hardly smell. (In case of the fish, it may smell sometimes.)

8) At first time, input the food waste besides the fruits and the rice. If the food with a high sugar content like the fruits is firstly input , some may be stuck to the bottom of drying pot, and some containing the starch like the rice and the bread may lump like a ball. But at that case , if more food waste is added on it, it is mixed together and becomes the power.
When you make clear out the drying pot , if you keep the powder of remnant remained 2cm(0.79 Inch),then such a problem can be minimized and also at next disposal of food waste, the drying and the crushing is much efficient.

9) The operation takes 4 hours for 0.5kg(1.10Lbs) up to finishing and also maximum 11hours for 1kg(2.20Lbs). The big volume and much water containing food waste takes longer.
But to operate 1kg(2.20Lbs) at a time consumes less electric power up to 20percent than to operate 0.5kg(1.10Lbs) in twice.
So it is economical and recommended to dispose the food waste once it is accumulated up to two third of drying pot , even though the disposal takes longer.

10) If the gap is around the rubber packing, the order comes out. Accordingly try to keep clean so as for any garbage not to remain stuck between the top of the drying pot and the gray silicon packing. But it is no need to clean inside of the drying pot.

11)Please be noticed that , when the water into the tank reach to the certain height , it is discharged at a time.

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Gausintch Co.,Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
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Choi Sangdo
7th floor,Tops Venture Tower, 1591-3,Seocho3-Dong, Seocho-Gu, Seoul, KOREA.
Product Category
Other Kitchen Appliances
Company introduction

Chairman’s Greeting
How are you?
I welcome and heartily appreciate you to our Home Page

The environment industry is most important in order to protect the environment for our life and to improve our quality of life. Thus Korean Government has recognized its importance, then has designated the environment industry as one of the country’s strategic industries leading Korea from now.
So Korean Government has been fully encouraging to develop and advance its Technology. But due to our consume g oriented economic activities at our society.
The volume of the garbage is rapidly getting increased and then our nature is extremely being hurted by pollution. Hence the environment friendly products are urgently and seriously required.

We have been paying our upmost and full effort to protect our life environment against the pollution caused by the effluent and the food waste.
We, as a first step to realize our thinking, have firstly started with the field which is related with the protection of our environment against the pollution by food waste.

The food waste disposal machine, being able to settle the food waste problem at the place where it happened, is the best solution to protect the environment against the pollution.

We, through investing our huge budget for last 5 years, have done our best and upmost effort in order to develop the most outstanding Food Waste Disposal Machine.
Then now! We have finally succeeded in creating “Food Waste Disposal machine” of No filter. Crushing and Drying type, which is most superior to others in the world. We will devote ourselves to contribute to our society.

We eagerly wish you to keep on paying your attention to us and encouraging us continuously.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours.

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