Mineral Fiber Sound Absorbing(Acoustic) Ceiling Board

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Home & Kitchen , Insulator , Ceilings
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KCC Corporation

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1958
Business type
Verified Certificate


Product name Mineral Fiber Sound Absorbing(Acoustic) Ceiling Board Certification -
Category Home & Kitchen
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Keyword acoustic , ceiling , mineral fiber , panel Unit Size -
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Supply type - HS code 6806909000

Product Information

- About KCC -

KCC Corporation is one of the leading building material manufacturers in South Korea, which has been established since 1958. 


KCC manufactures interior/exterior building materials such as Acoustic Ceiling Board, Gypsum Board, PVC Flooring, Insulation (Glass Wool, Mineral Wool), Architectural Paint and Toilet Partition etc.

- General -


KCC MITONE is a high-quality acoustic ceiling board made from natural mineral wool.


The weight of KCC MITONE is only one-third that of other conventional gypsum cement boards. It can also be produced as a broad board with a variety of patterns, making the ceiling of buildings beautiful and elegant.


Along with various types of construction systems, such as the T&H BAR, M-BAR, T-BAR systems, it ensures a unique style of space decoration.


Thus, aside from creating a quiet and comfortable space and mood by absorbing and blocking indoor and outdoor noise, KCC can also add beauty and convenience to the ceiling of a range of building, including offices, hospitals, hotel and shopping malls.



- Features -

1. Sound Absorption

2. Thermal Insulation

3. Dimensinal Stability

4. Environmental Safety

5. Incombustibility

6. Lighness

7. Workability

8. Sound Insulation



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KCC Corporation

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1958
Business type


Mong-Ik Chung
344, Sapyeong-Daero, Seocho-Gu, 137-703, Seoul, S. Korea
Product Category
Ceilings,Flooring & Accessories
Year Established
No. of Total Employees
over 2000
Company introduction
<p>KCC is one of the top leading building material manufacturers in Korea. KCC produces various kinds of building materials such as Glass, Acoustic Ceiling Tile, Flooring, Paint, Sealant, Mineral Wool, Glass Wool, Gypsum Board etc.



KCC is concentrating on developing high value-added products based on high energy efficiency and environmentally friendly technology. We are also aiming for "One and Only" products that can lead the global market. We are making a leap forward to become "strong, trustworthy, and global KCC," Through qualitative increases in competitiveness that build on our reputation as trusted world-renowned fine chemical company, we aim to be an unrivalled producer of general construction / industrial materials, paints, and silicone. 

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China China

Hong Kong(China) Hong Kong(China)

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Turkey Turkey


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