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    Salus laundry-ball

    Need not detergent any longer!!
    Washing ball & sterilization ball

    │ Description│
    None detergent Washing ball & sterilization ball

    │ Introduce │
    It says to be that it is harmfulness to health when using a synthetic detergent, but doesn’t worry about the poisonous and polluting environment. There is "Salus washing ball", made up of natural materials that we can clean and sterilization at only once, without using the cleanser.

     Product name

     Salus Laundry Ball


     100mm × 105mm(1 Ball)


     Globe type




     Special Ceramic Ball

     Outside material

     SEBS (TR TPE Compound)


     1Washing ball

     Warranty time


    │ Advantage of Salus │

    1. There is no remaining cleaning material on wash (The hazardous substance is removed in human body).
    2. There is no electrostatic phenomenon.
    3. The consumption of water and electricity decreases.
    4. The color of cloth revives.
    5. Environmental pollution curtailment
    6. Bacteria of various kinds are removed.
    7. Smell of dirt cloth and washing machine is removed.

    │ Six effects of Salus│

    1. Economically
      Salus is non-permanent which means even through cleanser or fiber cleanser, lecture, static electricity protection have not been used, you can save time and money for purchasing cleansers, and rinsing, dehydrating, and minimize tunnel tax and electronic tax up to 1/3 and over, and also decontaminate the quality of water and by that to give consideration of the benefits of the environmental protection, it bring us non-estimative economical and environmental benefit.
    2. Softness effect
      Water gets soft without using any soft fiber cleanser.
    3. Static electronic protection effect
      Without using any static electronic protection cleanser, there won't be any static electronic.
    4. Smell removal effect
      Without using stench, there won't be any.
    5. Antibiotics effects
      Helps recover sensitive skin or skin disease by sterilize harmful germs and save unhealthful germs.
    6. Skin protection effect
      Remove material of detergent and fluorescent and that can protects skin disease due to the cleanser, it is save to use.

       *     Tip        

    • When using "Salus" with the synthetic detergent, it removes both remainders and fluorescent washing powder, which means it is safe for sensitive skin, atrophy skin dermatitis.
    • When using "Salus", it removes dirt and bad smells from the water pipe, and also removes molds from inner part of washing machine, and maintain as if it has been polished.

    │ Principal of Mysterious " Salus"│

    >> Salus washing ball is consist up of 3 types of ceramics

    Salus laundry-ball

    1. A type ceramic

      Semiconductor related Ceramic that can create energy and make Ionize Alkali by electronic disintegrating water molecule.
      H2O --> H+ + OH-
      OH has an interface activity and the basis of washing. H is Latzcargie and has deodorization and a protection.

    2. B type ceramic

      Radiate domicile outer line on the water, a group of water molecule becomes from 12-15 to 5-6 small group, and has high penetration and a strong surface tension.?? Dissolute and decentralize of the cleanser, it has a strong ability even use of small amount.
    3. C type ceramic
      Water is made up of alkali. Most of the underground water is consist up of PH 0.7 neutrally or acidity. Alkaline water has strong cleaning ability. Past times, before soap and cleanser was introduced, caustic soda is the only water solution to wash. Cleansing ball has an outstanding smell effect, and it protects mold germs from inner side.

    "Salus" that is to separate water molecules by electronic disjointing, and alkali ionize the water and to consolidate the basis of ability of washing, a surface active agent, ceramic A that is deodorize to protect effect and an original domicile the outer line by the water emanation, ceramic B that is maker water molecule mass to a small group which make higher penetration and weaken the surface tension, and ceramic C, make water into alkali, that makes stronger washing ability, and all these have been immanence, while reciprocal action occurs, and make stronger washing ability.

    │ Five Operation of "Salus ceramic" │


     Basic Principal



     Change Alive water for Molecular movement

     Keeping freshness degree
     Substance preservation


     The self-cleansing increase for promotion  movement of ferment



     Making water molecule mass to a small group is lower viscosity and much more infiltration ability, moister attach ability

     Prevent oxidation
     Soft water effect
     Restoration ability


     Relieve potential difference of boundary and control corrosion when contact to metals.

     Prevention to get rusty


     To dissolute the potential difference of boundary between water and metal, make to lose of electronic property particle. And then solid corpuscle cohere, be growing and to be crystallization.

     Condensation deposition effect.

     Anion occurrence

     Anion combination to pollution materials and neutralize their virulence

     Neutralize poisonous materials

    │ How to use Salus │

    1. Suitable laundry quantity of Salus is 5kg laundry.
    2. Ordinary contamination
      Put Washing Ball in washing machine and wash. (Need not detergents)
    3. Intense contamination such as oil dirt.
      When washing shirt collar or anything that is oily contaminated, use it after part washing or first laundering, or use Salus with 20% degree of detergent quantity.
    4. In low temperature as winter recommend using warm water
    5. The washing effect can be decrease in case such as wool or silk, it has to use the acid detergents or the neuter detergents. Therefore, have to use the acid detergents or the neuter detergents such as this fiber (wool, silk, hemp)
    6. Salus washing ball is appropriate for any kinds of washing machine such as double controller, automation, and etc.
    7. Don’t remove Salus until before rinsing laundry in fresh water after washing or until before washing machine stop works.
    8. Dry under sunshine after wash shake in warm water once a month, and then it is good washed for going well radiation of far infrared ray
    9. If soaks it for 30 minute or 40minutes after put Salus in washing machine, then more effect
    10. Using period is three years in case using once a day.

    │ Warning │

    1. Please don’t use except washing machine.
    2. In case of using with the acid detergent, washing effect can be decrease.
      SALUS Laundry Ball Produces Far Infrared Ray and reduces negative ions in the water that makes atomic particle gather around the dirt and soak it out of fabric easily.
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      South Korea South Korea
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      Hwang Gihoe

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      70-4, Geumgok-ri, Jinjeop-eup, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      Daily routines are key to solving environmental problems.

      Rep. Hwang has a strong sense of responsibility to protect the environment. In doing various NGO activities, he could learn from his heart and eyes why we should save and maintain the environment.

      “Have you ever seen children in Africa? Having no drinking water, they have to walk over 20 miles, only to drink muddy water to ease their thirst. Water shortages are getting worse not only in Africa, but in the whole world, and the problem of water pollution is becoming far more serious. Unless we wake up now and start protecting the environment, we will also go through shortages of drinking water in the near future." he said.

      He thought it is good to shout slogans, but actual practice is more important than a grand slogan, and it is more effective to suggest ways for people to practice protecting the environment in their actual lives.

      With that personal belief, he has developed environment-friendly products only since the foundation of GNF Korea in 1998, sticking to the principle of "Environmental protection over maximum profit." It is as much as declaring he would survive as a pro-environmental enterprise as early as 16 years ago when even the concept of "Green Management" was still unfamiliar.

      However, the secret of GNF Korea having achieved such a remarkable growth is in its high technical skills and product quality to satisfy the needs of customers. It was possible only with his stubborn principle of using his own technologies alone throughout the whole production process, including materials to finished products.

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