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    Thermistor is a resistor that electric resistance is changed with ambient temperature and which is sensitive to heat. Among them, NTC (Negative temperature coefficient of resistance) thermistor has a characteristic that the resistance value reduces when the temperature increases. This is the device used as sensor that measures mainly the temperature around room temperature, which is applied to various fields such as home appliance, automotive, telecommunication, computer, medical instruments and industry sites etc.

    LNJT series is a film type thermistor, composed of a NTC chip soldered in a thin lead frame, then insulated with polymer film, for low profile application. The maximum thickness is only 0.6mm (typically 0.5mm). Film type thermistor can measure the surface temperature more efficiently, or can be installed inside a tiny gap.

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      LATTRON was established on January of 1998 which is technology manufacturer of the meterials of the metal, polymer and ceramics for the fields of electronics, information, telecommunication, mechatronics and medical. LATTRON's products have already get the name value in the domestic and Asia market including china. LATTRON have branch office and factory in china which are sales ruote in Asia. we belive that LATTRON's technology will be more important in the future.

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    • Main Product
      • Insulated wire type NTC thermistor

        Insulated wire type NTC thermistor

      • Film type NTC thermistor

        Film type NTC thermistor

      • Chip in glass type NTC thermistor

        Chip in glass type NTC thermistor

      • Epoxy coating type NTC thermistor

        Epoxy coating type NTC thermistor

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