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Anhui Jinfeng Biological Technology Co.Ltd

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Product Information

Bee venom is secreted by the venom gland and the accessorius of worker bee. It is a kind of liquid with the aroma and is stockpiled in the poison sac. The liquid which we called bee venom is discharged by the needle of the worker bee when it stings. The bee venom will volatilize to be a kind of khaki solid quickly at the normal temperature. It is soluble in water and acid and is not soluble in alcohol. People remove the bee venom and made it into crystal powder we call it bee venom powder.

The bee venom has multi-function including anti-inflammatory, radiation hardening antibacterial, anti-coagulation, anti-cancer, desensitization, lower blood pressure, immunosuppressive and so on. It mainly used for the treatment in various    inflammation, cardiovascular, nervous system diseases particularly for the rheumatoid arthritis. In resent years, people pay more attention to its function on the anti-cancer and the anti-AIDS. The products have wide applications in the future.


Sense index                                        

Color: beige, primrose yellow, khaki, sandy beige
form: loose chip or needle shape
odor: pungent aroma odor, slightly fishy smell
flavor: Obviously bitterness, aftertaste of fresh strategy

physical index
Water: <6%
Active protein:75±5%
Water soluble matter: 75±5%
Bee venom peptide: >60%

 Ph: 5.5±1

General name: Bee venom powder

Bee type: Italian bee

Producing area: eastern China

Spec: 200g,500g,1000g.

Casing: wood box and plastic box

Store: make the product dry and airproof at zero, not to open the packaging of the product

Period of validity: two years

Attention: toxic, do not eat

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Anhui Jinfeng Biological Technology Co.Ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
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Chuanpeng Zhou
Yushan economical industry
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Food & Beverage
Company introduction

Maanshan Gold Bee Biological Technology Co.Ltd is a high-tech and modern management of bee research and management and bee products processing enterprises in Anhui. Existing staff of 32, including technical personnel 9, the fixed assets of 12 million yuan. Company to “technology” as a long-term strategic approach to developing high-tech products as the main direction of development. Since its foundation,focusing on the application of advanced technology and production equipment,R&D products— bee venom.Independently developed by the present invetion bee venom powder and bee venom extraction equipment,has been a national invention patent,equipment and technology leader in the domestic and foreign industry. The company developed microcomputer automatic take poison regulator, with the high-tech technology, performance stability, than other similar equipment take poison increased by more than 200%, are the domestic origination.Our annual production capacity of bee venom up to 100kg,the daily maximum yield of up to more than 600grams.Production technology and production equipment at the international leading level,the first hit three home and abroad:1,bee venom extraction technology first;2,bee venom production in the first;3,bee venom quality.

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