Pentagon Grand (CO2 fractional laser)

Pentagon Grand (CO2 fractional laser)

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Pentagon Grand
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Mar 02, 2023
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South Korea South Korea / 2015
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Product name Pentagon Grand (CO2 fractional laser) Certification -
Category Beauty Equipment
Industry Laser Equipment & Parts
Laser Beauty Equipment
Other Beauty Equipment
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Product Information

Pentagon Grand (RF CO2 fractional laser)


  • It is ULTRA PULSE CO2 FRACTIONAL LASER and its wave length is 10600nm

  • It is an ULTRA PULSE CO2 FRACTIONAL LASER , which is a new generational version of the CO2 Fractional laser, which was replaced by a stronger laser for severe scars, enlarged pores, and various kinds of skin disorders.

  • The ULTRA PULSE CO2 FRACTIONAL LASER , PENTAGON grand, artificially makes an injury on the dermis resulting in the reformation of the strongest collagen.

By inducing healing response of the dermis, fibroblasts are stimulated, producing substances like collagen. Thus it aims at ameliorating the aging process by relieving and curing scars, reforming pores and reducing wrinkles

>> Indications

  • Scars
    Acne scar, Surgical scar, Traumatic scar, Burning scar, Striae, Large pore
  • It can also remove spots like normal CO2 lasers.
  • Skin resurfacing
    Wrinkles, Pores, Photo damaged skin, Pigmented skin

>> The concept of micro Thermal Zone


  • High power (Ultra pulse Laser)/Short Emission Time produces less skin damage than Low Power/Long Emission Time.

  • Divides laser beams in micro units of 70μm using fractional laser. It leaves normal tissues between the beams and reduces direct
    damage of skin thereby reducing regeneration time with quick recovery. Pentagon is micro laser beam so it is good for skin rejuvenation.

  • Pentagon grand delivers heat to 49 dry ablations and deep into the skin in an area of 1cm to 2cm with micro laser beams and is therefore most suitable for skin regeneration treatment.

  • The main screen of PENTAGON grand, it is composed of three kinds of the operating modes. The users can choose their desired operating mode and transfer to each of the other operating modes anytime.

    The laser beam of 1,000W high peak power is divided into very short pulse length and time in this mode, thus the laser beam can be applied to the area of treatment in an accurate array. This mode is suitable for the treatment like spots, freckles, warts, dark spots, corn.

    This mode is an ultra fractional laser system being used in the treatment for skin rejuvenation, keloid, pigmentation, scars, wrinkles, pores, skin resurfacing and so on.
    C/W MODE: It is normally used in incision for more accurate operation surgery.


10600nm RF Ultra Pulse CO2 Laser
Pulse Energy
3mJ ~ 300mJ
Operation Mode
Ultra Pulse
Laser Spot Size : 0.1mm~0.7mm 400W Peak Power
Laser Spot Size : 40um~70um 300W Peak Power
Laser Spot Size : 0.1mm~0.7mm 1W~15W average power
Operation Mode
Dynamic Mode (Array, Random)
Fractional Mode
Lesion Depth
~Max. 2,000um
Spot Density
25~999 spots/cm2
Scan Area Size
5x5~20x20 (Adjustable)
Scan Area Shape
Square, Rectangular, Pentagon
Handpiece Tip Size
Normal (5mm, 20mm)
Control Panel
65,000 Colors TFT Touch Screen (8 inches)
Operation Speed Control
Aiming Beam
Diode Laser Beam 650mm (light adjustable)
Laser Delivery
Working Voltage

co2 fractional laser with handheld scanner, with RF tube installed
PENTAGON, co2 fractional laser with handheld scanner, with RF tube installed, performs fractional treatment on skin as well as conventional laser surgery using focused handpiece.


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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2015
Recent Visit
Mar 02, 2023
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Kim Jong Sook
#501, Haus.D Sejong Tower, 26, Seongsu-Il-ro 10-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea
Product Category
Beauty Equipment,Laser Beauty Equipment,Other Shaving & Hair Removal Products,Skin Care Serum,Skin Care Set
Year Established
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Company introduction

DAEJU MEDITECH ENGINEERING CO., LTD. is an aesthetic medical device manufacturing company providing optimum quality products including all services not only internally in Korea, but throughout Japan, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, Australia, and other countries. we that leads exports to more than 40 countries with own technology have accumulated know-how in technology development, manufacturing, export, and maintenance etc. with more than 15 years of experience. As the result, we have gained satisfactory trust from customers until now. For your references, our medical devices have been certified with KFDA, TGA, CE, FDA, TFDA, GOST, ANVISA approvals and our aesthetic devices have been certified with KC approval in Korea. We are manufacturing the Aesthetic Medical & Beauty Device products as follows; 

Q-S/W Nd YAG laser(ACTIVO), 

4 types of HIFU devices(cartridge type HIFU: HIPRO and HIPRO-S / 

one handpiece type HIFU: HIPRO-V / home care type HIFU: HIPRO-Q), 

808nm diode laser for hair removal(AROMA GRAND), 

CO2 Fractional Laser for skin rejuvenation(PENTAGON GRAND), 

405nm & 635nm Diode laser for Onychomycosis treatment(TINEA), 

Ultrasound Local Dynamic Micro-Massage device for crystal shining skin(HIPRO-L).



Q-Switched Nd: YAG Laser for removal of pigmentation and tattoo;

The maximum power of other company's Q-S/W Nd:YAG is normally 2.0J and one PTP' is general. BUT, Our ACTIVO has 2PTP' with 2.7J of maximum output power, so it results in less side effects and pain, and customers can choose one MLA (Fractional) HP and Collimated HP as options.



One handpiece type HIFU device, Adjustable depth of treatment by GUI

(For Face: 1.5~4.5mm every 0.5mm / For Body: 6.0~13.0mm every 1.0mm)

As for HIFU equipment, the cartridge type HIFU is general trend, so several depth cartridges are necessary. But, HIPRO-V of our company has only one handpiece HIFU, not necessary for several cartridges as the energy penetration depths can be controlled through GUI, so much easier operation by moving type with economical consumables.



808nm Diode Laser for Hair Removal

Aroma Grand (808nm Diode laser for hair removal) has two powers of 600W & 800W, and it is the best seller product that competes for the excellent sales rate in the world. As it has the strong cooling system with chiller method to reduce the heat inside the device and handpiece, the quality is quite robust and stable, which is a product made by intensive technology of our company.



RF Metal Tube CO2 Fractional Laser for Skin Rejuvenation

Pentagon grand (CO2 Fractional laser) has two powers of 20W & 30W, and it is equipped with RF Metal Tube made by Coherent Company in the United States, excellent technology maker, to create the precise and stable beam emissions.




(For Face: 1.5mm & 3.0mm & 4.5mm / For Body: 8.0mm & 13.0mm)

HIPRO(S) delivers High Intensity Focused Ultrasound energy into SMAS layer and deep dermis and makes the thermal coagulation on the selective zone, accordingly SMAS layer can be contracted, and then, face lifted, also the collagen in dermis is stimulated, and then face skin tightened. Without surgery operation, it can make face lifted and tightened and body contouring.



One handpiece type HIFU device with compact size and energy penetration 3.0mm.

(Beauty device with 2kgs)

Aesthetic High Intensity Focused Ultrasonic device for face tightening



405nm & 635nm Diode laser for Onychomycosis(nail fugus) treatment

Dual laser wavelengths for Athlete’s foot treatment by killing fungus and activating blood circulation for cell regeneration without pain cross-rotating beam by dual wavelengths.



Ultrasound Local Dynamic Micro-Massage device

Aesthetic Ultrasound Local Dynamic Micro Massage device for re-generation of collagen in dermis for crystal shinning skin by the face probe and body contouring by the body probe. (2 probes available)

Main Markets

China China

Hong Kong(China) Hong Kong(China)

Japan Japan

South Korea South Korea

Mexico Mexico

Poland Poland

Turkey Turkey


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Dae Ju ,

Daeju Meditech

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