Laser Fog Thermal Imager Camera GCS-MS208

Laser Fog Thermal Imager Camera GCS-MS208

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Global CCTV Security Co.,ltd

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Product Information

Laser Fog Thermal Imager Camera GCS-MS208

Multi Spectrum Laser Infrared Fog Penetrate Thermal Imaging Camera GCS-MS108,GCS-MS158,GCS-MS208,GCS-MS258 and GCS-MS308 using Laser lighting, high Refreshing Mist Camera, high Refreshing fog Lens, infrared thermal imaging, precision digital echo Pan Tilt night farthest activities can be found in the character of 2700-3000 meters, vehicles, facilities and other targets

This series of products using Laser lighting, high Refreshing Mist Camera, high Refreshing fog Lens, infrared thermal imaging, precision digital echo Pan Tilt, made by science, advanced means of collection, with a good background contrast, clear imaging, using a high Image resolution illumination color to black Camera, continuous monitoring can be carried out day and night, night farthest activities can be found in the character of 2700-3000 meters, vehicles, facilities and other targets; achieve color monitor day and night Under the same all-black environment surveillance purposes, and can realize temperature alarm function.


Laser Features:

  • Night Vision Distance 3000m
  • Fog, effectively improve the monitoring range and image clarity under foggy environment;
  • LAZ light automatic zoom function, Lens, Pan Tilt, Laser synchronized zoom and Preset features that make operation more simple, intelligent;
  • Auto Sensitivity Control functions, laser opens, lock the camera, to be black and white mode;
  • Gaussian Laser Beam reforming technology, good beam quality, spot uniformity, high density Laser;
  • Patent spectroscopic techniques, Laser utilization up to 100%,avoid the only Laser match Lens light waste;
  • External optical axis trimming, without disassembly, easy maintenance, Use life of 20,000 hours。

Lens Features:

  • Lens with HD features such as auto focus through the fog, to avoid cumbersome trimming operations;
  • Automatic color to black, to achieve the daytime color, black and white evening weather monitoring mode.

Thermal Imaging Features:

  • Fixed focus、Zoom optional;
  • Temperature sensing imaging, subject to environmental impact;
  • Imaging device Polysilicon, Vanadium oxide Optional;
  • Temperature display alarm.

Pan Tilt Features:

  • Max Load 60KG;
  • The maximum Pan speed 55°/s;
  • Pan 360 ° horizontal Endless rotation, Tilt -45 ° ~ +45 °, so that the monitoring Hassle;
  • Chinese and English OSD screen menu, the OSD menu settings, presentations, run, delete, Preset, cruise path, pattern scan, scan around
  • AC24V/DC24V/DC36V/DC48 multiple power modes adaptive.

Control Mode:

  • Remote control camera, laser, PTZ; photosensitive control laser is turned on, off.

Multiple Protection:

  • With a slow start and overheat, over current, overvoltage multiple protection functions;
  • Intelligent temperature control system, waterproof, Heat Dissipation design, ensure long-term stability.


  • PTZ, using plug-in connection between the head, no wiring.

Application Field: Forest fire, airport runways, city aerial vantage, land and resource protection, oil theft, ports, waterways, rail transportation, environmental monitoring, Border control, fisheries management, marine farming, flood control, maritime search and rescue, such as day and night continuous monitoring of wetland sites.

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Global CCTV Security Co.,ltd

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Zhang Yu
No. 888 Xin Ling Road ,Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone ,Shanghai ,200131,China
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CCTV Camera,Electronic Products,Other Security & Protection Products
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Global CCTV Security Co.,Ltd. is heading forwarding the world first class company with Video Surveillance & Security camera specialist! Established in 2004,Global CCTV Security Co.,Ltd. has become a world leader in the security industry.Soon after our company will start to grow and has earned the reputation of a well established, professional business whose priority is customer satisfaction. The products of Globalcctvsec mainly include relevant equipment of Rugged ptz camera, Explosion proof cameras , Corrosion proof cameras, Network Cameras ,HD IP cameras,Intelligent video cameras, Speed dome cameras ,thermal imaging cameras,3g video cameras, HD-SDI Cameras, Security cameras,NVR, are available as well as DVRs, lenses, power suppliers and other related products and accessories. .Quality ,Reliability ,Performance are our heart of matter .Our products are manufactured by our own factory and by our long term partners. Our commitment is to securing people and premises, wherever lives and property are at risk.With globalcctvsec you can feel safe and freedom to share your life.Our products can make people safer and more secure and improve productivity in business and industries throughout the word. We offer you an extensive portfolio of innovative, high quality, ergonomic products and systems for security, safety and communication- featuring intelligent functionality and modular concepts that grow with your requirements. With years experience in Security Industry, the company board integrated the Western marketing concept into the traditionally Oriental business actions for getting "our largest profit right comes from the highest satisfactory of the customer ".Globalcctvsec is able to offer cutting edge technology at unbeatable prices ,because we need your confidence and support !Our mission emphasizes quality which in turn makes for a successful business. In addition, we strive for healthy growth and a good reputation. "Customer First,Service Foremost " is our principle.
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