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functional polymer resin, incombustible ceramic coating, polymer concrete, mpf,
Industrial Supplies , Building Coating , Other Paint & Coatings

8 Ecoinfra Holdings co.,ltd

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    MPF, MEGA Porous Filling, Insulation, Liquid, White

    │Mega Porous Filling│

    "MEGA Porous Filling (MPF) is a novel foam insulation that provides heat resistance. it is filled the voids to prevent flow of heat and fire. Therefore, the organic and inorganic insulation materials can entirely replaced with MEGA Porous Filling

    MEGA Porous Filling is a patented insulation product (Patent No.10-1281689) that composites eco-friendly inorganic binder with silica-based aerogel and inorganic hollow body and functional additives and foaming agent that provides an excellent insulating barrier, has strong adhesive property as compared with urethane foam. Thus, it can be applied to materials, such as metal, cement, lumber, glass, marble, EPS, PVC, PE, PP, FRP, etc.

    Mega Porous Filling is lightweight, has a specific gravity of 0.07, is composed of individual structure of closed-pores that provide outstanding thermal barrier performance. It can be used for a wide range of incinerations, boiler, heat pipes. MEGA Porous Filling has passed the industry's most stringent test for fire retardants (KS F ISO 1182) by Fire Insurers Laboratories of Korea. It provides low thermal conductivity (0.039W/(m.K)) and excellent adhesive strength of at least 2MPa.

    MEGA Porous Filling(MPF) consists of the following two products.

    • MEGA Porous Filling (MPF-MAIN) : 1 type, Layer Thickness 35mm (Foam Mixer, Filling Gun)
    • MEGA Insul Putty (MIP) : 1 type, Layer Thickness 1~2mm (Putty knife, Plaster Float, Scraper)


    • High-performance thermal insulation
      - Excellent thermal conductivity of 0.036W/(m.K)

    • Excellent thermal barrier, fire resistance and heat resistance effects
      - In case of fire, the product provides protection and retardant without toxic emissions in fire situations

    • High adhesion strength
      - Strong adhesion strength of 2.0 Mpa

    • Ultra-lightweight
      - Specific gravity of 0.07

    • Easy to use in place
      - Fill in gap, such as sandwich panels, fireproof walls, double insulated pipes

    • Easy to make non-combustible wall sand sandwich panels using metal stud
      - It can be integrated wall construction include furring, fire resistance insulation, finishing design board

    • Antibacterial, Eco-friendly
      - Only use inorganic material, which contains lnorganic binder, silica aerogel, Inorganic hollow body that emits negative ions and far-infrared rays

    >> Mega Porous Filling Application for heat and fire resistance

    - MEGA Porous Filling (MPF) For Heat & Fire Resistance


    • Description : Foam-type, Individual closed-pores
    • Insulation Effects : Excellent insulation performance and energy-saving, Thermal Conductivity of 0.039W/(m.K)
    • Application : Fireproof wall, Fire door, Firewall, Sandwich panel, Double insulated pipe, Building insulation by shotcrete method
    • Sustained Operation Temperature : Applications should not exceed 900˚C
    • Workability : Easy to apply the product using a professional foam mixer and an lntegrated spray gun with discharge function for filling Discharge
    • Repair/ Reinforcement : It can be applied over existing coatings
    • Finish & Water Repellency : Easy to finish using rubber putty knife. Water and moisture barrier

    1. Integrated finishing lightweight panel and non-combustible insulation board for firewall

    ① Installing Steel studs
    ② Installing Lightweight drywalls

    • One side : Non-combustible boards include MGO Board, CRC Board, and Super Board, T=6~8mm
    • Middle : Foam insulation (Mega Porous Filling), T=2~5mm
    • Other side : Non-combustible boards include MGO Board, CRC Board, and Super Board, T=3~6mm
    • Surface Coating : Transfer coating, High gloss coating, UV coating, Laminate coating

    2. Integrated finishing non-combustible system wall with seismic retrofit

    ① Mold Lightweight precast concrete with high strength for wall structures
    ② Infilling MPF (Mega Porous Filling)
    ③ Tightening designed finishing boards and finishing materials
    ④ Tightening Blankets between each system wall

    3. Non-combustible insulation system on sandwich panel

    - Sheathing│Galvanized steel sheet 0.45~0.8mm
    - Insulation material│Mega Porous Filling 0.6~1kg/m²(t=5cm)

    ① Infilling MPF via foam mixer and filling gun
    ② Tightening designed finishing boards and finishing materials
    ③ Tightening Blankets between each system wall

    4. Heat resistance insulation system for double insulated pipe

    ① MEGA Porous Filling is filled in between inner pipe and outer pipe (Foam Mixer, Filling Gun)
    ② Product Release after drying double insulated pipes

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    8 Ecoinfra Holdings co.,ltd

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      Park Gihong

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      #816, Doosan Venturesdigm, 126-1, Pyungchondong, Dongangu, Anyangsi, Gyeonggido, South Korea

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      systems, waste recycling, Architecture, civil engineering, offshore structures with the best technology in the field of To coexist with nature and people will build the world.

      Eco Thermal Coat as microwave dielectric heating paint, MEGA Anti-flame as incombustible refractory material, MEGA Cera Coat as incombustible ceramic coating material, MEGA Slim Coat as ultra fine insulation material and Ecosol as eco-friendly inorganic adhesive, MEGA Cera binder as eco-friendly inorganic binder were developed by Ecoinfra Holdings in the field of new functional inorganic materials, in order to save the energy efficiency and protect from disaster.

      The low permeability of our products allow it to be used in energy facillties that focuses on high energy efficiency, skyscrapers and civil engineering structures and vessels and industrial plants and residence facillties that concentrates on fire retardant insulation and sound proof. Moreover, We offer our products to use for firewalls and fire doors that make safety and fire retardant for energy facillties.

      Ecoinfra Holdings will be contributed to implement innovative technology based on the microwave dielectric heating technology MEGA Polymer Concrete and MEGA Light Concrete and new inorganic materials in energy, building, and civil engineering, shipbuilding industry.

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