Twin - [Mint/ Yellow]

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towel, car wash, cleaning cloth, microfiber cloth,
Synthetic Fiber , Towel , Cleaning Cloths , Car Cleaning Tools

8 WellTech International Co.,Ltd.

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    Cleaning Cloths
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    'Twin' has been selected for the 2014 Best Product. 

    Check out its success story. 


    Twin - [Mint/ Yellow]


    Specialized in manufacturing microfiber goods and with 30 years of experience and history in this field. WellTech exports various types of microfiber goods to numerous countries around the world such as Japan , Russia, England, America, Italy, Brazil, and Australia.
    We produce electronics cleaner for reputable companies such as Samsung and LG, and take pride of being the best in Korea in terms of quality and technology. Polybank, a product brand of WellTech, has various product categories. Products range from commonly used optical product cleaners such as spectacle, glass, mirror, and camera cleaners to accessory cleaners that clean jewelry and valuables.

    It is also used as contaminant remover for PC, TV, monitor, CD, cell phone ; dust, moist remover and polisher for cars; hygienic cleaner for kitchens and polisher for kitchenware; and contaminant remover for semiconductors. Also, Polybank has multipurpose goods that include protection mask against air pollution, home fashion such as blanket, curtain, carpet, shower gown and sports towel, and also floor cleaners.




    l Description l

    This towel is an extra plush, one inch thick large microfiber towel. The TWIN is lint-free, scratch-free and features silk-banded edges. This towel will buff away waxes, wipe glass clean without streaks, safely apply quick detailers and remove your favorite products scratch-free. Microfiber weight is calculated as grams per square inch (g/m2). Thickness of a microfiber towel is based on the thickness of the fiber, length of the loop, amount of fibers per square inch and most importantly weight. The TWIN is an incredible 1020 g/m2 in weight, which is 5 times thicker than the industry leading microfiber towel. This is thicker and softer than even the nicest bath towel.



    l Function l

    The Orange Bohem is an extra thick and dense professional grade microfiber towel. This versatile towel can get the job done. The Orange Bohem utilizes technology that allows it absorb and retain unwanted dirt, debris and grime without scratching the surface. The Orange Bohem is perfect for any job whether its waterless washing, waxing or the simple application of your favorite WTIproducts on your vehicle's exterior as well as the interior.

    The Orange Bohem is 100% machine washable and will retain and deliver the same level of softness as they did they day you bought them even after numerous washes. The Orange Bohem delivers a premium wash that will lubricate the paint while reducing friction and enhancing shine.



    l Feature l

    • Color : Mint/ Yellow
    • Size : 45 x 35 cm
    • Blend : 80% Polyester/ 20% Polyamide
    • Edge : Silk Banded


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    8 WellTech International Co.,Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Lee, Chang-keun

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      6F Pyunghae Building, 239-12 Nonhyun-Dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea

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      Fashion,Other Fabric,Cleaning Cloths

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    • Company introduction

      Polybank™ is the brand name of the products manufactured by WellTech International Corporation. It has various products of the finest quality made of superfine fibers.


      Ranging from household items used in our daily lives such as optical cloths, suede, terry towels, kitchen towels, car wash towels, mop to specialized goods used by companies, Polybank™ manufactures a great variety of goods.


      Polybank™ superfine fibers are made up of extremely microfilament which is a 100 times thinner than human hair, and such fine fiber will not miss out and will clean even the smallest of gaps of the surface that is being cleaned. With the best quality and the best reputation based on 30 years of experience, we fulfill the needs of clients all over the world.


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      • Welltech International
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