Reghargeable Battery Electric Fishing Reel

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    Reghargeable Battery for Electric Fishing Reel


    Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (DYNAMIC POWER)

    • Light weight & Compact size comparing with lead storage battery.
    • Instant power is very high comparing with lead storage battery.
    • Environment-friendly and no environmentally hazardous substance
    • Lithum ion battery has a low self-discharge and no memory effect, and so its performance is not deteriorated even with long storage.
    • Protection function from overcharge, overdischarge, excess current and high temperature.
    • Complete living waterproof
    • Usage : Electric Fishing Reel for boat fishing, Air Moter Pump for inflatable boat, camping, Smart Phone, Tablet PC, Digital Camera, PMP and all types of devices which have universal USB port.


    • Battery Type : Li-ion(High-Power Cells for E-Bike used)
    • Max Charging Voltage : 16.8V
    • Final Discharge Voltage : 12.0V
    • Capacity : 11.4Ah
    • Discharge Current(Max) : 32A, Pulse Current : 80A
    • Charging Current : 2.5A, Charging Time : Less than 4.5hours
    • Battery Weight : 1100gr, Battery Size : 55x102x197mm
    • Applied Cell Type : 29E(Samsung SDI Original)
    • Remainder Display : Digital (FND)-USB Charging Port Controller)

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    8 JOKO Co.,Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Ko Kyounghwan

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      165, Madeul-ro 13-gil, Dobong-gu, Seoul, Korea

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      Digital Batteries,Battery Packs,Rechargeable Batteries

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      We are a speciality manufacturer of battery packs. We make rechargeable batteries for smart phone, tablet pc, laptop, digital camera, power tools, electric fishing reel, camping & outdoors, and other various mobile & portable devices.
      On this basis, we are always trying to be a frontrunner of the 21c battery technology through continuous research and development for eco-friendly energy.

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      • Reghargeable Battery Electric Fishing Reel

        Reghargeable Battery Electric Fishing Reel

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