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12 PNF CO., LTD.

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    We,PenAndFree Co.,Ltd is a well-known manufacturer of making Interactive writing devices in Korea. Among them,
    Digital presentation pen named DUO pen is an unique & innovative input device that can transform an ordinary laptop pc to rich functional tablet computer, supporting upto 16 inces LCD screen. By just attaching slim, stylish and small station on the cover of your laptop, you can write any scripts or annotation on laptop screen directly like expensive tablet pc. It also supports pen touch screen, note taker and even wireless mouse function. Also as it enables virtual pressure feature, you can enjoy brush effects in any applications without programming. It provides full compatabilities with MS HID standar dpen device and Tablet PC. Especially, when you combine this gadget with our interactive whiteboard, you can easily build bi-directional learning environment at the most attractive price as the two devices share all contents with just one SW installation.
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    12 PNF CO., LTD.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Dong-won Shin

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      #304,Hyundai Venture Ville, 713, Suseo-dong, Gangnam-gu,Seoul,Korea

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      Education Supplies,Whiteboards & Markers,Other Computer Accessories

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      • DUO digital presentation pen

        DUO digital presentation pen

      • Portable Interactive Whiteboard & Digital presentation pen

        Portable Interactive Whiteboard Digital presentation pen

      • Portable Interactive whiteboard

        Portable Interactive whiteboard

      • Digital Presentation Pen

        Digital Presentation Pen

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