Wound Care bandages for diabetic

Wound Care bandages for diabetic

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adhesive bandage, bandage, wound plaster, medical plaster,
Beauty & Personal Care , Emergency & Clinics Apparatus , Wound Dressing Equipments
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Product name Wound Care bandages for diabetic Certification -
Category Beauty & Personal Care
Emergency & Clinics Apparatus
Wound Dressing Equipments
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Product Information

Diabetic patient need special protection If some scraps or minor injuries happen but have not be sterilized and treated in time, the serious complications like ulcer may arise and could eventually lead to the need of amputation.

So this special wound care can antisepticise and Clean wound, Fight deadly infections and prevent cross-contamination. Especially Povidone-Iodine provides longer germicidal activity than ordinary Iodine solution and is nonirritating and virtually non-sting for better patient comfort .



1) Snap the sealed rod from the middle easy break-off mark into two parts.

2) Clean and dry the wound area with PART A swabs,

3) Peel off the adhesive proof paper from the PART B woundplast, and apply it at the trauma site in a suitable degree of tightness.

The plaster should be replaced every 12 hours to assure the wound healthy.


[Features ]

1)    (PART A ) The cotton swab is saturated with a 10% povidone- iodine solution

2)    The plaster (Part B) is use high quality PU material, Strong adhesive ability with ventilation holes ,no latex inside

3)    Epoxy ethane elathen sterilization

4)    Very comfortable and breathable

5)    The cotton swab is saturated with medicinal solution thoroughly.

6)    The length of cotton swab is no less than 6cm ± 0.5 cm, weight of cotton is more than 0.01g

7)    Size : 78x20mm or 76x19mm, 76x25mm.

 6 items x 6 pcs/box, 288-300 boxes/carton

8)    carton size : 446x350x327mm ,8kg/carton

Other sizes are also acceptable


1)    This is a disposable product for external use only

2)    The plaster is sterile, please don’t use if the package is unsealed or damaged

3)    When Snap off the plastic tube, don’t aim at people or clothing

4)    Allergy skin was prohibited to use

5)    Children must be under the guardianship of an adult to use


It should be stored , in shade, cool and dry place

[Validity duration]

Two years



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China China /
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No 13, Yunteng Road, Miyun Economic Development Zone, Beijing,China.
Product Category
Beauty & Personal Care,Pharmaceuticals,Wound Dressing Equipments
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Company introduction

LONGOOD MEDICINE (BEIJING) CO, LTD founded in 2001, is a leading manufacture in development, R&D, testing and promotion which is located in the high-technique center of Beijing, China, we have been committed to providing our customers with high quality products and superior protection in minor cuts and wound care .our “Fast-Aid” Brand Sterile & protection products include Wound Care Pack, medical Antiseptic rods, medical adhesive bandage series, first-aid wound plasters ,first-aid kits …ect, business covers more than 100 countries and areas in the world as Germany, Italy, France, America, Middle east, South Asia etc.

The factory is located in the beautiful area of Miyun Economic &Technique Development Zone, owns more than 3000m2 international standard workshops, Lab research center, first-class production equipments, clean sterilization workshops and advanced testing equipments, these advantages are the assurance of our high quality products. All our products have been approved by CE and FDA. In addition, we have developed a practical quality management system and approved by ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485. Especially we have obtained 30 items of patents for unique appearance design.

As the customers’ material and spiritual demands increased, and their health safety consciousness enhanced, Therefore, we will take advantage of the opportunity, keep a firm conviction on innovation and continues to develop high quality products based on our advantages in technology, talents and management. Our service idea is No bacteria, wound heals faster. Our marketing idea is “Create the first brand in Minor cuts treatment area”, we believe that our unique technology of “Fast-Aid” Brand wound care Suit products will bring about a total new revolution in the minor wound care treatment filed and improve people’s health

Main Markets

U.A.E. U.A.E.

Belgium Belgium

France France

Japan Japan

South Korea South Korea

Malaysia Malaysia

Netherland Netherland

Rwanda Rwanda

Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

Sweden Sweden

Thailand Thailand

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