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fill gun, injector, filling gun, feeding gun,
General Industrial Equipment

Youngsun Tech Corporation

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South Korea South Korea /
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Product Description
Fill guns are to feed material like EPS or EPP to shape molding machines. It called injector or feeding gun. They are classified into Korean conventional type, European type and Japanes type.

Product Feature
European fill gun type is the best quality from several types of fill guns.

Product Specification/Models
Specification of European type :
Barrel outside diameter : 50mm
Holder length : from 310mm to 500mm
Clamp (bracket) : two bolt type
Tip outside diameter : 22mm
Piston outside diameter : 16mm
Material feeding tube outside diameter : 20mm

Specification of Korean type
Barrel diameter : 36mm
Holder length : from 200mm to 500mm
Clamp (bracket) : two bolt type
Material feeding tube outside diameter : 32mm

Fill guns (feeding gun)are used for EPS and EPP shape molding machines.

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Youngsun Tech Corporation

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
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Henry Woo
A-413 Hansung Bldg., 609-24 Gurodong Guroku Seoul Korea
Product Category
Other Plastic Product Making Machinery,Plastic Product Making Machinery,Plastic & Rubber Machinery Parts
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Company introduction

We have been one of leading Korean manufacturer and supplier in Korea in the field of EPS machines such as preexpanders, block molding machines, shape molding machines and styrofoam compactors and so forth since 2001.

We are to perform cost saving in energy loss and operation time loss which may occur from our customers. Accordingly, our machines are designed very efficiently for optimum operation condition. We warranty after-sales-service. Please trust us and order it.


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