Silica gel desiccant

Silica gel desiccant

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Shandong Xinghui Chemical Co., Ltd.

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South Korea South Korea /
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Feature 】  
Silica gel with fine pores includes spherical silica with fine pores and massive silica with fine pores. Spherical silica with fine pores has the appearance of colorless  or translucent spherical particle, massive silica with fine pores is a transparent or translucent  irregular particle.
Basic quality parameters 】  
The average diameter is 2.0-3.0 nm, ratio surface area is 650-800 m2 / g, pore volume is 0.35-0.45 ml / g, ratio heat 0.92 KJ / kg. ℃, thermal conductivity coefficient is 0.63 KJ / m. Hr.℃.
Use 】  
Mainly used as desiccants, moisture beads, agents to remove smell and all kinds of absorbents. Widely used to control relative humidity of the environment for storage and transport of instruments, meters, instruments equipment, leather, luggage, shoes, textiles, food, medicine and so on. It can prevent items from moisture, mildewing and rusting. Because of their high bulk density and obvious effect to absorb moisture in the case of low humidity, it can be used as air cleaner. They are widely used in the sea transport of ocean because the goods during transport often degenerate owing to temperature, the product can be used effectively to absorb water so that the quality of the goods is ensured.
Size 】        0.5-2mm ,1.5-4mm ,1-3mm ,2-4mm ,3-5mm ,4-8mm.
Packing 】  25kg net weight per bag or 500kg.
Note 】       Packing and size may be customized per your specific requirements

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Shandong Xinghui Chemical Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
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Gao Qinghui
Building Material City, Yangzhai Town, Zichuan District, Zibo, Shandong
Product Category
Industrial Supplies
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