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12 AMAZING Co., Ltd.


Country South Korea South Korea

Supplier Grade level4

Main products Unlimited widths of Korean Top grade Hot Fix Tape
Lead Free Rhinestone of OEKO-TEX Standard 100/1
AM 3000 Full automatic Rhinetone Motif Machine
AM-2000 / Spangle Sewing Machine

Product Information


Fashion Leader AMAZING Co., Ltd. of Eco-friendly Enterprise produce premium Hot Fix in Korea plant.
AMAZING of Haute Couture have attained leading accessory maker.

We roll out the red carpet for buyers, customers, visitors.
Take a seat in our guest room and be a guest.
We serve with hero's welcome.

Market goal is high quality and high fashion.
Korea orgin Lead Free Hot Fix of bijouterie .
Korea is a powerhouse on the globe in Hot Fix industry.

AMAZING take the initiative in high street fashion.
We approach the perfection by benchmarking and quality circle.

Color shade can be a little different whenever producing.
We sell Swarovski.
Hot Fix decorate old-fashioned dress, accessories into the latest, splendid, exquisite style.

We emphasize Elegance and conserva rich.
We elaborate on avant-garde fashion, postmodern trend, new wave, retro fashion, vintage chic.

We carry out masstige marketing.
We operate under fashion merchandising and fashion marketing.
Lovers are charmed by magic of dreamy bling.

Users are indulged in fashion statement and free self-expression of funky costumes and reborn as eye-catcher in style.

Sensual glitz allure shopper, dresser, boutique visitor, salonnard to a flaring magic and urge to euphoria, addiction.

Hot Fix attached costume, accessories are for sale in boutique, salon, fancy shop, exclusive shop.

Use in skirt, t-shirt, trousers, jeans, high heels, stocking, handbag, sportswear, underwear, nail art, swimwear, wedding dress, dance wear, balletwear, underwear, belt, necklace, bracelet, earring, ring,

textile, scarf, mobile, necktie, watch, cap, parasol, electronic appliances, interior, furniture, stationery, ceramic, book, wooden product, wallpaper, sporting goods, musical instruments, etc.


Galaxy of Beautiful People.
Go-go Vogue Pioneer.

Lead time is 2 days. 

Send e-mail.

  • Lead Free Hot Fix of top grade across Korea

  • Lead Free Hot Fix of top grade across Korea

  • Lead Free Hot Fix of top grade across Korea

  • Lead Free Hot Fix of top grade across Korea

  • Lead Free Hot Fix of top grade across Korea

  • Lead Free Hot Fix of top grade across Korea

  • Lead Free Hot Fix of top grade across Korea



Country South Korea South Korea

Supplier Grade level4

Mr. Charles Kay
562-1 , GalSan- Dong , Icheon City , Gyeonggi-Do Korea
Product Category
Garment Accessories,Other Apparel & Accessories Machinery,Packing Sealing Adhesive Tapes
Year Established
No. of Total Employees
Company introduction
<p>High-tech AMAZING Co., Ltd. of eco-friendly Company are manufacturer of iron-on heat transfer Hot Fix such as Lead Free Rhinestone, Rhinestud, Domestud, Hot Fix Tape, Nail Head, Hot Fix Setting Machine, MC, Motif, Spangle (Hot, Embroidery, No Hole, Line, Chain, Glitter, Tape), Epoxy Pearl, Convex, 


Heat Transfer Film (Glitter, PU, Flock, Embo Pet, Pet, Stretch HD-Metallic, Hologram, Foil, Normal, Reflective, PVC, Mosaic film), Stone Ring, Pearl, Rhinestone Motif Machine, Spangle Motif Machine, Faceted Epoxy Pearl, Pasco, Cosmo Jet, Laser Cut, Dia Cut, Swarovski, Check Type, Embroidery, Bead, Rivet, Snap, etc. 


We manufacture Grade A Lead Free Hot Fix in Korea factory.
Korea origin bijouterie. 


We possess OEKO-TEX Standard 100/1 (products for babies and small children) and Spangle OEKO-TEX CERTIFICATE Standard 100 from TESTEX AG. 


We equip 12 SGS TEST REPORTS and 6 KOTITI TEST REPORTS on Rhinestone, Rhinestud, Domestud, Nail Head, Epoxy Pearl, Convex for Heavy metals contents Test and Appearance after washing Test. 


We pass CPSIA Standard Test and New EU Standard Test. 

Ours are suitable for RoHS. 


Fashion-forward AMAZING of Haute Couture have achieved galloping strides as Total Fashion Producer. 


Most items are topnotch grade across Korea.
We persist high quality and high fashion.
We create new color, shape, design, material. 


Lead Free Rhinestone are produced of all process in Korea plant.
First-class grade in Korea.
Purely Korea origin. 


Delivery is one day.
Crystal and All Colors : zero ppm.
We can send samples, catalog of Lead Free Rhinestone, Rhinestud, Domestud. 


SS 4, SS 6, SS 8, SS 10, SS 12, SS 16, SS 20, SS 30, SS 34, SS 40.
68 colors with Shape Stone. 


Daily output : 50,000 gross.
Lead Free Neon Stone are customized. 


Applicable flatback, 2 cut crystallized Lead Free Rhinestone of 12 facets strass.
Glittering, dazzling lusters.
Eco-friendly Grey Glue is powerfully adhesive to all fabrics. 


Rhinestud, Domestud are produced of whole process in Korea plant.
Delivery is one day.
1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 13mm. 


Neon Stud and White Stud in all sizes, colors.
Neon Dome and White Dome, the same. 


62 colors with Shape Stud.
Premium Nail Head with diverse shapes. 


We make 12 kinds of Hot Fix Tapes according to adhesion.
Unlimited widths and customized bottom colors of Hot Fix Tape.

We make less tac Hot Fix Tape. 

When press work, adhesive is not smeared in fabrics, but very clean state.
We ship 20 feet container quantity periodically. 


Tailored to customer demand on Hot Fix Setting Machines.
Korean components and automatic, user-friendly for novice.
We gain CE Mark and ISO 9001:2000 Certificate and QC 9000. 


Korean Spangle and luxury Heat Transfer Film for splendid dress, sportswear, stage costume, cheering apparel, high heels, handbag, accessories, nail art.
We obtain Spangle OEKO-TEX CERTIFICATE Standard 100 from TESTEX AG. 


Spangle of Hot, Embroidery, No Hole, Line, Chain, Glitter, Tape.
Heat Transfer Film of Glitter, PU, Flock, Embo Pet, Pet, Stretch HD-Metallic, Hologram, Foil, Normal, Reflective, PVC, Mosaic film. 


Lead Free MC of 40 ppm.
Grey Glue and Strong Glue.
MC pass CPSIA Standard Test. 


AMAZING head Hot Fix industry and take the lead in popularizing fashionable trend.

Customized production for Motif in bulk.
We vary Motif machines. 


Artistic designers change any format into artwork by re-creation within one day.
Large capacity and gorgeous Motif. 


We conduct customer satisfaction policy and customer needs strategy.
Hot Fix embellish outmoded costumes and accessories into up-to-date, stunning chic. 


Cutting-edge facilities with computer control system, automated system, quality control system.
Exclusive knowhows and time-honored craftsmanship. 


We carry out factory automation, in-house QC.
We pursue the perfection by product concept.
We focus on ecology fashion by going green and Elegance. 


Negotiable price.
Discount according to amount.
Lead time is 2 days. 


Ours improve lady and fashionista to be dressed to kill and to the go-go social set.
Hot Fix attached trendy are in the glamorous limelight and stand out as eye-catcher. 


We provide high-quality customer service.
We obey product liability. 


AMAZINGSTAR are best-seller, golden goose.
AMAZING-holic are ubiquitous from China to Peru.
Ours sell like hot cakes. 


Sample, catalogue, color card, demo video are free.
Freight is collect.
Export Standard Packing. 


Hot Fix : Polyvinyl, Carton, Special Package Paper.
Hot Fix Tape, Spangle, Heat Transfer Film : Carton, Pallet.
Machine : Vacuum wooden packing, Pallet. 


We manage under game theory.
We crave for long, practical partnership. 


Noblesse oblige.
One-stop Solution Provider.
Trendsetter of Boutique and Salon.
Hot Fix Stylist. 


E-mail to charleskay97@naver.com




T :  82 31 637 7296
F : 82 31 635 7296
M : 82 10 3317 5867
Skype : charles.kay97
WhatsApp : 82 10 3317 5867 



Main Markets
  • U.A.E. U.A.E. ,
  • Canada Canada ,
  • U. Kingdom U. Kingdom ,
  • Hong Kong(China) Hong Kong(China) ,
  • Italy Italy ,
  • Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia ,
  • U.S.A U.S.A
Factory Information

Top 10 Countries import Fashion from Korea

Top 10 Countries import Telecommunications from Korea(Rank, Import Country, 2015, 2016)
Rank Import Country 2018 2019
Value Increasing Rate Value Increasing Rate
1 Pr.China $ 74,908,369 16.0% $ 73,062,901 -2.5%
2 Viet Nam $ 60,837,809 -28.3% $ 63,955,673 5.1%
3 U.S.A $ 31,526,386 20.7% $ 36,935,512 17.2%
4 Japan $ 28,461,079 11.6% $ 29,273,530 2.8%
5 Taiwan $ 24,625,463 21.4% $ 20,460,532 -16.9%
6 Poland $ 12,909,269 676.2% $ 13,033,759 1.0%
7 Mexico $ 8,318,750 94.6% $ 11,763,132 41.4%
8 Thailand $ 12,781,785 10.3% $ 8,952,343 -30.0%
9 Germany $ 3,331,153 6.8% $ 8,695,228 161.0%
10 Hong Kong $ 7,285,663 -6.1% $ 7,310,476 .3%
Total $ 327,834,124 6.7% $ 325,777,015 -.6%