Hyperimmune Milk(Cholesterol-Lowing and Blood Pressure Effccts of Immune Milk)

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    Hyperimmune milk


    This product is made from milk concentrates serum protein manufactured by fermenting hyperimmune milk (It contains an antibody, the immune control factors, the nutrients and the growth factors) and is containing various micro nutrients. The research on the benefits of various micro nutrients extracted from hyperimmune milk has been conducted for more than 50 years since 1950. The micro nutrients contained in hyperimmune milk serum protein has been known to be closely related with 1) the inflammatory response system, 2) the immune balance system.

    Hyperimmune milk is manufactured by an unique method after treatment process for stimulating the immune system of cow. This hyperimmune milk contains more biological immune factors than common milk. It also contains HMW compounds and LMW compounds. HMW element affects the immune system module and LMW interacts with the inflammatory response system of the immune system.

    VASSHIM product removes the components such as Lactose and salt from milk and makes milk concentrates serum protein including biologically active LMW and LMW.


    Hyperimmune milk is a safe health supplementary  food which has been studied broadly. In order to make the world's best product, raw milk of VASSHIM + product is obtained from cow which is raised without any hormone and antibiotics. Main raw material of VASSHIM + is made by the support of New Zealand Dairy Association.


     Hyper immune Milk :

    1. Providing various elements vital to keeping our body young.

    2. Supporting healthy activities.

    3. Two hundred percent supporting weight control program

    4. Keeping organ functions, nerve, hormone, digestive and immune         system healthy,

    5. It is safe even if we take it for a long period


    Does a cure to cancer exist? hyperimmune milk?

    Answer:    Now, where contained by the video does Jerry Brunetti claim that hyperimmune milk 'cures' cancer? I have had the video, that you intertwine to, for about a year now and enjoy watched it several times, there is so much adjectives information on those video's. Firstly, Jerry found a Merck{A pharmaceutical company, used this technique prior to Flemings Penicillin} Patent online for hyperimmune milk, he used hyperimmune milk as one of the tools for fighting cancer, not to 'cure' it. Brunetti realised from his own research and reading numerous peer-reviewed studies, that viruses own and are associated with many {if not all} cancer.

    The hyperimmune milk consists of antibodies, this is great for stopping diarhoea and stomach/GI problems. But the cytokines{chemical messengers that white blood cells use to communicate} in the milk are far more significant, as they direct the immune system to attack such virus that are providing an unnecessary load on a weak cancer tolerant. This is similar to allopathic IL-2 therapy and other attempts to augment and strenghten the immune system. Brunetti noticed from blood test that he had epstein-bar virus {kissing virus}, herpes, and others, that is why he used hyperimmune milk.  


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    P.S : All 250 patents


    Thank you and Have a good day


    Best Regards

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      • Hyperimmune Milk(Cholesterol-Lowing and Blood Pressure Effccts of Immune Milk)

        Hyperimmune Milk(Cholesterol-Lowing and Blood Pressure Effccts of Immune Milk)

      • Hyperimmune Milk(Cholesterol-Lowing and Blood Pressure Effccts of Immune Milk)

        Hyperimmune Milk(Cholesterol-Lowing and Blood Pressure Effccts of Immune Milk)

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      Hyperimmune Milk(Cholesterol-Lowing and Blood Pressure Effccts of Immune Milk)

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