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    Natural- feel baby bottle


    Isn't it amazing how newborns have and innate ability to "find" and "latch" noto mommy's breast?

    Clearly, the little ones know exactly what they want. So we designed the bottle with the basic idea of replicating the natural feeding experience in 3 areas.


    1)Touch -Bottle material should closely resemble human skin familiar to baby's touch.

    2)feel-baby shoul feel soft and comforting just like mom.

    3)flow-milk flow should be controllable and air free.


    What about the things that moms care about? We surveyed mothers in their 20's through 40's and found out exactly what they were looking for:


    1) 100% safe material (BPA Free)

    2)Easy to clean

    3)Anti-colic feature


    1. Safe feeding

    - Medical grade Liquid Silicon Rubber material & 100% BPA free

    -Passed FDA and CPSIA standards

    -safe in : Boiling water, Dishwashers, Microwaves

    2. Easy to Clean

    -Wide mouth and flexible boby design for easy cleaning

    -Dump the brush and goodbye to icky residues

    -Frustration free and a really clean bottle

    3. Interply of Form & Function

    -colic-preventing air-vent system

    -Unique interlocking feature

    -No-drip desing

    4. Happy baby

    -Silcon material is the closest thing to mom's skin

    -Body is soft just like mom

    -Consistent, even-flow design


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    12 comotomo

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      South Korea South Korea
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      kim hyun sook

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      652 Sangyoung-dong, Seobuk-gu, cheonan-si, chung nam, Korea

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      Feeding Supplies

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